Elimination Mode Australia/New Zealand

By CMD Tournaments
Welcome to the First Elimination Mode Tournament for Australia and New Zealand.
For those not familiar with the Elimination Mode tournament format, it's a game mode where heroes can only be picked or banned once per series. Expect to see strange combinations and unconventional lanes when series make it to game 3.
1. No game breaking bugs.
2. No Cheating of any kind.
2-1. There is to be no Trash talk of any kind towards other Players, Casters or Myself. In the event that someone is found to be Trash talking in or out of matches will be punished accordingly. (you can still trash talk in your pubs)
3. Make sure you play on your Main Steam account. If you are found to be playing on an account other then your main your team will be disqualified.
4. Each team gets a limit of 10 minutes pause time each game.
5. If your team is 0-5 minutes late to a game, you will be given a -10 second time penalty. 5-10 minutes will result in a -25 second time penalty. 10+ will result in a forfeit.
5-1. A Scheduled with Dates and Times will be emailed to the Teams Registered email 2 days before the Tournament Starts.
6. Registration fees will be paid through PayPal. You will get an invoice from me requesting the $50 fee. If you do not complete payment with in 4 days of me sending you a invoice your registration will be canceled.
6-1. If you decide to withdraw from the tournament after the 11th of March you will not receive a refund. If you withdraw at anytime before the 11th of March you will be refunded 80% of your registration fee.
7. Lobbies for the Group Stages will be hosted by Myself Radiant or Dire sides/First or Second pick will be chosen by the team that wins a Coin Toss done by Myself
8. The lobbies for the Play-offs will be hosted by myself. Radiant or Dire sides/First or Second pick will be chosen by the team that wins a Coin Toss done by Myself.
9. Under no circumstances are you to stream your games. If you are found to be streaming your games you will be disqualified.
10. Any questions/complaints must be emailed to cameronmarkdowner@gmail.com
11. Make sure you have fun.
Pacific/Auckland (UTC+13:00)
Registration fee of $50NZD will apply for this Tournament.
16 teams(max) x $50NZD = $800NZD
This Means that the Prize Pool Could make it to $800, however 75% of the prize pool will be donated to the RSL(Returned and Services League of Australia) and the RSA(Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association)