Flaktest Gaming CSGO Pilot

Flaktest Gaming CSGO Pilot Season

By Flaktest Gaming
Online, Australia
Welcome to Flaktest Gaming's CS:GO Pilot Season tournament. We are pleased to announce PLE Computers, Corsair, Streamline Servers and Scitech WA as the sponsors for this tournament! Flaktest Gaming enjoys hosting multiple tournament formats and themes for varying skill levels. This tournament is a National Interschool eSports tournament, where schools will be play against other schools.

Each school will play every other school team in a Round Robin "Qualifier" format. Qualifiers will be followed with a knockout round, and following that will be the finals. This tournament is an ONLINE tournament, where matches may be streamed on our Twitch.TV channel. This tournament is free to enter. We do ask that everyone competing in this specific tournament join our Discord so you are able to view important upcoming information about the tournament.

Please read the tournament details below for more information
*Tournaments must meet minimum 15 teams for School and Student prizes. Prizes to be updated 24 hours prior to competition if under 15 teams.
Swag bags announced May 15
Australia/Perth (UTC+08:00)
place 1st : Championship Swag for Players & School (Valued at approximately $300)
place 2nd : Runner Up Swag for Players & School (Valued at approximately $150)
place 3rd : Bronze Swag for Players & School (Valued at approximately $100)

Team rosters must consist of the minimum amount of players required to participate in a cup, with a maximum of 2 substitutes per team. Teams are only allowed to play with players on their roster with a register Flaktest Gaming and must be signed up to a school team on the Flaktest Gaming website. All roster changes must be made prior to the start of the CS:GO Pilot Season Tournament, and must be approved by the school teacher representative and Flaktest gaming. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers will result in punishment points.


School teams are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware/internet). Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues and matches will be played nevertheless. If the maximum pause time is exceeded, the game goes on, even if the issue is not solved yet. Flaktest Gaming recommends organising an alternative in case of a technical issue, to be prepared for any interruptions during play.


To keep tournaments as efficient as possible, Flaktest Gaming reserves the right to disqualify school teams. This will only be done in cases where a school team purposefully stalls or attempts to block another school team. In some scenarios both school teams may be affected. Any school team found to be using a known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit. If the school team is found to use another known exploit for a second time and it is determined to have been done on purpose they will be removed from the tournament immediately.
In the case that a player(s) disconnects, the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage.


A school team can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting will result in loss of the match and possible penalty points.


A re-host can only be played with Flaktest Gaming admin approval.

Please contact an admin via CSGO Discord to receive approval,
In a re-hosted game each participant must choose the same vehicle as they picked at the start of the the original match.
Disconnects and lag issues will only qualify for a re-host if the issue occurs the within the first 30 seconds of the game, and no goals have been scored.


Observers are allowed only if Flaktest Gaming and both teams agree.
Exceptions to this rule are, Flaktest Gaming admins and people that are given permission by an admin.
Under no conditions are teams allowed to play with referees other than Flaktest Gaming referees.


In Flaktest Gaming matches it is not permitted to use the pause without an obvious reason, such as player disconnects. Custom game host/moderator have to pause the game immediately when a team request it in chat.
Each team is granted a total of 10 minutes pause time during the match.
Abusing the pause time can lead into punishment or direct team disqualification. Screenshots to prove of the abuse have to be uploaded into the match page.


Both school team captains are responsible to share the correct result to Flaktest Gaming staff.
Captains must use the match panel to share information about the results and any other disputes.
Results must be submitted after all games have been played.
If anything is unclear, participants must make sure to have screenshots and the required replay files available to verify the result and file a protest.


Please use the Flaktest Gaming CS:GO Discord channel for any assistance during the season.


All participants must adhere to the decisions and rules of the tournament organisers, admins, and referees.
All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated.
Flaktest Gaming reserves the right to make judgement on cases not specifically covered by the rules in order to preserves the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.
Conversations, either verbal or written, between organisers, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential.
Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.


All match media (screenshots, demos, etc) must be kept for at least 7 days.
In general, you should upload the match media from a match to the match info page as soon as possible.
Faking or manipulating match media is forbidden and will result in severe penalties.
Match media should be named clearly based on what it is.


Casting a Flaktest Gaming match is only allowed with a Flaktest Gaming admin agreement.
To get an agreement please contact relevant Flaktest Gaming staff.


During the season, player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment.
A school team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players.
The teacher representative will be made aware of school team penalties at the end of each round.
Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.
After 6 points the player / team forfeits the match and is suspended for a length of time according to the points given. For example, if a player has been given 10 points, that player will be suspended for two matches.
Reject compulsory challenge - 1 Point
Abort Match - 4 Points
Unregistered Player - 6 points
Ringer/Faker - 6 points
Playing with wrong account - 4 points
Playing without a registered game account - 4 points
Multiple/Fake accounts - 6 points
Faking School/State - 6 points
Deception - 6 points
Fake Match - 6 points
Fake Match Media - 6 points
Cheating - 12 points
Only a school team, which participated in a Flaktest Gaming match, can complain about their opponent breaking the rules.

All rules are subject to change without notification