4v4 CTF Tournament

4v4 Double Elimination CTF Tournament

By Flash and Boroguard
This will be a 4v4 Double Elimination Best of 3 Capture the Flag tournament hosted by Flash and Boroguard
Match Settings and General Rules:
-All matches are Best of 3 except the Winner's Bracket Finals and Grand Finals, which are Best of 5
-This tournament is Double Elimination, so if you lose one series you are not out. You will be moved to the Loser's Bracket and you still have a chance to win
-Golden Cap Rule: if a match results in a tie at the end of final time, there will be a consolation match on Glitch where the first team to score wins the match
-No Boosts
-Pilot Health 125%
-Score limit 6
-Time limit 12 minutes

-Highlander Rule: One of each Titan per team (i.e. 1 Tone, 1 Legion, 1 Northstar, 1 Scorch)
-Only one Titan per half per player
-No Arc Rounds or Superior Chassis for Monarch

-Highlander Rule for pilot Primaries (1 CAR, 1 EVA-8 etc.)
-Grapple with the flag is banned
-G2 is banned
-Spitfire is banned
-Carbines are banned
-Hover is banned
-1 Pulse Blade max per team
-Gravity Star is Banned
-2 Arc Grenades per team

-Forward Base Kodai
-Black Water Canal
-War Games
-Angel City

-Highest seed hosts first and third games in a series, lower seed hosts second game
-All players need to be in the lobby as soon as possible. If all players are not in the lobby within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, the team that is late will forfeit the first match of a series.
-No spectators for either team except casters/moderators. Subs may not spectate, but can stay in party with their teams.

Connectivity and Servers:
-If a player lags out after the 30 second mark, it is up to the player to reconnect, and the match won't be stopped until halftime. If it's after the first 30 seconds of the second half, the match will not be stopped until it is finished.
-Players who lag/have high pings are responsible for their own connections and the matches won't be stopped

-No teabagging, hateful trash talking, or other unsporting conduct will be tolerated
-If an individual player acts unsportsmanlike he/she may be banned, if a team acts unsportsmanlike the entire team will be banned

Registration and subbing:
-Please do not register as fake accounts without letting one of the hosts know who your real accounts are
-When registering, be sure to link any Twitch streams or YouTube channels on which any participants may stream or upload matches
-6 spots are available per team (4 players, 2 subs)
-Only registered subs can play, no exceptions. If you do not have subs it is highly recommended to find some in case a player can't make it.
-No mid-match substitutions, only between games of a series

Remember that the purpose of the tournaments is to have fun and grow the community in a competitive environment, so be mindful of that in the way you act towards other competitors.

If you have any questions be sure to email me, or message us on Xbox Live. Our gamertags are VeIIichor and Boroguard!
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
Cash prize of $100 to winning team