Tacticon - Extra Life HS

By Clutch Gaming Arena
Crowne Plaza Hotel Convention Center, Denver International Airport
Welcome to Extra Life's Hearthstone Tournament!
Please note these key things;
*Participants must have a badge for the event
*Buy in is 5 dollars - 2.5 to Charity/2.5 to your prize pool per person
*All score reporting is done in this app
*This event is BYOD (Bring your own device)
*Computer Rental is possible, please message Tacticon organizers for details
*Decklist form will be sent to all players 2 days prior to the event for submission
*Best-of-five, each player brings four classes with one deck of each class.
*Each player is aware of which classes his or her opponent brought. Players get a single ban of one deck from their opponent’s pool. Then, both players queue into the first game with a class of their choosing of the remaining 3 decks.
*Whichever player wins must then switch to a different class for the next game.
*Once a player wins with a class, it cannot be played again within that best of five match.
*The loser can choose to either stay with the same deck, or switch to one of the other two classes.
*Once a player wins with all three of his or her classes, that player wins the match
Structure to be determined.
America/Denver (UTC-07:00)
Scales 2.5 dollars per person up to 60.
The real prize is how good you'll feel donating to a good cause ;) #childrenshospital