NQL Season 2

Clash Royale Numquam League Season 2

By Numquam Gaming
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Welcome to the 2nd season of the Clash Royale Numquam League.

This tournament has 3 stages:

Open Qualifier
7th October 2017, 3:00 PM CEST
Double Bracket System
Best 16 qualify for next stage

League stage
27th-28th October 2017, 3:00 PM CEST - 7:30 PM CEST
2 Round Robin groups with each 2 invited players and 8 players from Qualifier
Best 8 out of each group qualify for Playoffs

29th October 2017, 3:00 PM CEST - 9:15 PM CEST
Double Elimination Bracket
1st-4th of each group play in Upper Bracket
5th-8th of each group play in Lower Bracket
Please be on time. If you're later then 10 minutes you lose your game.

Please be kind to each other in Clan Chat/Match Lobby.

The official Clan for all the matches is named "#NQLClash" and the Clan tag is #8U92Y8LG.

You're allowed to use every card in the game.

In Playoffs every player is able to ban one card before the BO5 starts.
After every match the losing player can choose one more card to ban in the match up.
Banned cards can't be used by both players.

A little example:
Before the best of 5 starts player 1 bans Tornado and player 2 bans Inferno tower.
Player 1 loses the first game. He bans a third card which in the example is Hog rider.
Player 2 loses the second game. P2 choses to ban Lightning. The banned cards for the third game of the BO5 are Tornado, Inferno tower, Hog rider and Lightning.
This means for the fifth game in the BO5 there are 6 banned cards.
Qualifier > League Stage > Playoffs
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
1st: 25 €
2nd: 15€
3rd: 10 €