GGL - 2v2 League (Season 1)

GGL - 2v2 League (Season 1)

By Guam Gaming League
Guam Gaming League - Dualies League (2v2 Retakes)

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We are pleased to announce GGL Dualies League Season 1! Admission is FREE!

Register your team today and don't miss out on the opportunity to find out who is the best Duo for Retakes in Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Guam.

New Team registration for season one is now open and will remain so until September 14, 2017 at 11:59pm Guam Time. Once closed, teams will have three days to get acquainted with the system and schedule their first match. Matches are set to begin Sunday September 18, 2017.

GGL Dualies League Season 1 is brought to you by Arctic Computers

We would like to thank all of our supporters of the Guam Gaming League and player base for sticking with us on this journey to bring competitive yet fun PC Gaming it desires. THANK YOU ALL!

Good luck and have fun!
Pacific/Guam (UTC+10:00)
Captains of each team must set and agree on a time and date by or before the due date of each scheduled match.
Any team that is unable to come to an agreement will be subjected to a forced forefeit.

Each team is entitled to a two minute time out during the match for tactical or technical issues.

There is ZERO tolerance for cheating. If a member of a team is found cheating with evidence to support this claim, consequences will result in an automatic disqualification from the match and permanent ban from GGL for not ONE but BOTH players.
Players must report with proof of a player they feel is/are suspect to cheating in either past or present matches to an admin on the GGL discord.
If any Team(s) or Player(s) have any questions feel free to message the main admin @Crooks in the GGL Discord.

GGL reserves the right to change, modify or adapt all rules as deemed necessary in order to uphold and maintain the spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship.


All matches are due every sunday (After start date September 17th 2017). It is up to the two teams to agree on when they can play their match within the week leading up to the matches due date. Best way to do so is through our league text channel, message on our discord server or on Toornaments match lobby.

Maps & Due Dates for weekly matches

Week 1: Mirage - Due by September 24, 2017
Week 2: Cache - Due by October 1, 2017
Week 3: Cobblestone - Due by October 8, 2017
Week 4: Overpass - Due by October 15, 2017
Week 5: Nuke - Due by October 22, 2017
Week 6: Train - Due by October 29, 2017
Week 7: Dust 2 - Due by November 5, 2017
Week 8: Inferno - Due by November 12, 2017