vaceCup #S2 - Final (PC)

vaceCup #S2 - Final (R6 5on5 Bomb | PC)

By vaceGaming
Online, Europe
Final of Season 2 of the vaceCup.

- Standard ESL Rules
- MOSS is required!
- At least one of your team-members has to join our Discord for better contact:

All matches are Bo3.

Match Settings:
- Number of Rounds: 8
- Attacker/Defender role swap: 1
- Overtime: 3 Rounds
- Overtime score difference: 2
- Overtime role change: 1
- Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
- Attacker Unique Spawn: On
- Damage handicap: 100
- Friendly fire damage: 100
- Injured: 20
- Sprint: On
- Lean: On
- Death Replay: Off



- We are looking for international casters! Contact "Nik.- | Head-Orga on Discord or send a Mail to
Structure to be determined.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
1st Place: 250€ + 5x Official RainbowSix Shirts by Ubisoft
2nd Place: 50€
3rd Place: 25€
1. vaceCup Rainbow Six Siege
1.1. Eligibility
Any person that has a standing cheating ban by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege is ineligible to participate in any vaceGaming tournaments.

1.2. Settings for the tournament
All players are liable to follow the giving settings. Different agreements are not allowed.

1.3. Requirements
Only Players holding a passport of, or can provide proof of residency, in a nation within Europe are allowed to participate in the tournament.

1.4.1. Roster
Team rosters must consist of at least 5 players to participate in a tournament.

1.4.2. Substitute Players
It is allowed to substitude five players before the match starts. If the match is started (picking operator and spawn points) all 5 players of a team must play the game till the end. It is possible to switch players in a Bo3 between the maps.

1.4.3. Technical Issues
Teams are responsible for their own hardware and internet connection. Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues or substitude a player. If a team can´t play with 5 players then this will be resulted as forfeit.

1.5. Map Veto
Map Ban phase via Match veto. The team with the lower seed (higher number in the bracket) get the host right. The game must be hosted on a dedicated server. The dedicated server location must be setted by default (based on ping). The team which kicked out the last map had the choice of the side attacker or defender. In Bo3 the opponent which hadn´t the choice of side on the first map can decide on the second map. On the 3rd map got again the choice of side from the first map.

1.6. No show
If a contestant is not ready to play, 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, then they should be reported as a no show to an admin.

1.7. Forfeit
If a contestant chooses to forfeit a match, they will forfeit any prizes and if possible will be replaced by their opponent in the previous round.

1.8. Protests
If a controversial situation not described by this rulebook occurs during a match, the team that has spotted it should immediately stop the match and inform the administrator about it. If the team does not stop the match and continues to play, it is seen as an acceptance of the situation. Because of that the team looses all rights to file a protest concerning that situation after the game has ended. Protests must be made immediately, or they may be ignored depending on the circumstances.

1.9. Results
Both teams have to take a screenshot at the end of the match, where we can see the correct result and they need to upload it after the match to the vacemedia Discord. If you have a conflict in the match, please open a protest, so the staff team can check the case and take a decision. The decision can also mean that both teams are disqualified, if there is not enough proof for either team to be the clear winner.
Overall Results:
Bo1: 1:0 or 0:1
Bo3: 2:0 2:1 1:2 and 0:2

1.9.1. Add Result
It is only allowed to add a score when the match is finished. Enter a team a score before the match is finished to the match this will be handled as Unsportsmanlike behaviour and disqualification of the team. If a team add a loose for his own team the match will be automatically closed. If a team add a score to the match, the opponent have 15 minutes to accept the result or to open a protest ticket. The match will be closed when the periode of time is over.

1.10. Match media
All match media (screenshots, etc) must be kept for at least 14 days. In general, you should upload the match media from a match to the Discord. Faking or manipulating match media is of course forbidden.

1.11. Disqualification
To keep the delay during the cup as slightly as possible we reserve the right to disqualify teams from the tournament. This will only be done in cases were a team shows no real effort to get a match done or is even obviously blocking. In hard cases this can even effect both teams.

1.13. Casting
Casting a match is only allowed with an admin agreement. To get an agreement please contact "Nik..- | Head-Orga" on Discord or send a Mail to

1.13.1. Personal Streaming
Personal Streaming is always allowed. The admin team advised to use a delay in the streams.


2. Ingame
2.1. Player drops
If a player drops from the server during a match, the round will continue uninterrupted until the end. After completion of the round, the player who disconnected is allowed to rejoin the server. The match is considered "live" when the first round has started. At least 4 players have to remain and the match has to be played until the Match end and a winner is decided. If this isn't possible due to connection issues, it will be considered as a forfeit in favor for the Team who is able to have all players on the server.

Every Team is allowed to rehost the server once in a match. If problems like this appear again, such as a Player dropping out when the Match has already been rehosted, the Team has to play the Match with the 4 remaining players, to its conclusion. Any abuse of this rule is considered to be deception and will result in penalization, up to and including disqualification of the Team.

If a Team leaves the server without informing the opponent and reaching an agreement with them, the team that left will forfeit that match. Each user is responsible for his/her own Hardware.

2.2. Re-host
In a re-hosted game each player has to choose the same settings as they picked at the start of the the original game. All ruling which isn´t explained in the previous point, the teams had to open an protest ticket. Only admins of the staff can decide, if the game will be complete restarted by a score 0:0.

3.3. Pausing the game
If a player pauses a game they must state the reason for the interruption and how long it will approximately take. The game can only be resumed by the player that paused the game after they asks their opponent if they are ready. The pause should not be longer than 10 minutes.

Violation of this rule are handled as unsportsmanlike behavior and can lead to a re-game.

2.4. Observers
Observers are allowed only if both teams agree. Exception to this rules are admins and people that are explicitly allowed to observe by an admin (e.g. shoutcasters or streamer). Under no conditions is it allowed to play with referees other those decided by an admin.

Teams should only allow observers they trust. It is not allowed to protest after a match to complain about observers that were allowed in the game.

2.5. Illegal Actions
Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug and glitch using of any kind. In a tournament by using any bug or glitch, the team got a warning, by the second time of using it, the team will be disqualified.


3. Game settings
Matches have to be played with the following settings:

- All matches will be played with 5 players per team in a Bo1, except the Final or the Game for 3rd Place Bo3.

3.1. Settings
- Time of the Day: Day
- HUD Settings: Pro League

- Number of Rounds: 8
- Attacker/Defender role swap: 1
- Overtime: 3 Rounds
- Overtime score difference: 2
- Overtime role change: 1
- Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
- Attacker Unique Spawn: On
- Damage handicap: 100
- Friendly fire damage: 100
- Injured: 20
- Sprint: On
- Lean: On
- Death Replay: Off

- Plant duration: 7
- Defuse duration: 7
- Fuse time: 45
- Defuse Carrier Selection: On
- Preparation Phase Duration: 45
- Action Phase Duration: 180

3.4. Operator
All Operator are allowed (DLCs allowed).

3.5. Mappool