NML Challenger League

Challenger League

By MYI Entertainment
The Challenger League (CL) is the second league in the NML!

Anyone can sign up and participate. While the NML will hold 8 teams, the CL has no team limit.

During a season we'll play on three matchdays in total. The amount of matches will depend on how many teams will have singed up.
All series are played in the Bo3 format and every won series is worth 3 points. Tie-brakers are: match win-loss difference and then head-to-head comparison.

You can find more information about the league system here: https://www.esports.ch/nomercyleague/
Everything you need to know about the league and team rosters you can find here: https://www.esports.ch/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Ruleset1.pdf
Structure to be determined.
Europe/Zurich (UTC+02:00)
At the end of the season the 4 highest ranked teams in the CL will proceed to the relegations, where you get the chance to win a spot in the No Mercy League for the next season.