ESWC Quake Champions Q4

ESWC Qualifier #4 Quake Champions

The ESWC Quake Champions Qualifier #4 is open to 64 players. The qualifier will be organized on October, Sunday, 22nd and will use the double elimination format.

The tournament checkin will start at 1:30pm CEST. The first round of the tournament will start at 2pm CEST.

The ESWC Quake Champions 2017 final will feature the best of the community from 1st to 3rd November. Thus, 16 players will compete in a dedicated ESWC area and stage with live commentaries and online broadcast. Several matches, including the final, will be highlighted on the ESWC main stage in front of thousands of spectators.
A cash prize of 10,000€ will reward the best 4 players of the ESWC Quake Champions 2017 tournament.
To participate in the ESWC Quake Champions Qualifier #4 players must fullfill the following criteria:

- Fill in all fields of the registration form
- Having a minimum of 16 years old on 22nd October 2017
- Be present on the ESWC Quake discord server ( )

The full tournament rules are available on the ESWC Quake discord server.
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
The three first players of the qualifier will earn a slot for the ESWC Quake Champions 2017 final from 1st to 3rd November. The winner of the qualifier will also earn the travel and accommodation.