Buddyhood Brawl League [S2]

[BBL] Buddyhood Brawl League [S2]

By Game kNight
The Buddyhood Brawl League is an ongoing league for the kNightly Buddyhood - a community created and lead by the YouTuber; Game kNight Plays.

We accept newcomers as well as veterans into our ranks and all players must join the Discord: https://discord.gg/P46k7qn
Please acquaint yourself with the ruleset, so that you are familiar with how everything works - this is very important!

There is no requirement for you to play a certain amount of matches each week, all we ask is that you arrange the matches so they get played, that you communicate and that you stay for the duration of the league.
Buddyhood Brawl League
Bigger - Better and Brawlier...

When: From December 2017 until Fall 2018

Participants: 24

How: Play when you can against your opponent, preferably one match a week so we can progress, but it is not a requirement. Arrange your match through Discord or on the Toornament page - but you have to join the Discord either way!

League -> League -> Elimination -> semi-finals/3rd place -> Finals

2 brackets with ongoing switch to new league and balancing opponents
everyone plays everyone two times = 22 matches in one league
We play for 2 leagues = 44 matches total
Top 8 players from each league enters the Elimination rounds
Resulting in semi-finals with 3rd/4th place placement match and a final.

All players must join the discord: https://discord.gg/P46k7qn
Participants will be tagged with BBLS2 to be easily identified.

Hosted by Game kNight - https://youtube.com/gameknightplays

Failure to comply with the rules can result in a warning and/or exclusion from the tournament and any future tournaments arranged by the kNightly Buddyhood. Do not sign up if you do not intend to complete the tournament.
Formatted rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AYoGpmZRuBG1vB_G9RBQncu_GvvfIBX7IDFiB6tmj74/edit?usp=sharing

Warband creation:
* Warbands are distributed randomly by Game kNight (During a live stream, TBA)
There will be 4 of each warband type to distribute.
If a player does NOT own the Undead or Witch Hunter DLC, a new warband will be drawn.
If a player don't feel like playing the warband they were assigned, go to #BBL on Discord and ask if someone wants to swap with you. If a swap is agreed upon, send Game kNight a PM.
Warbands will be locked 2 days after the distribution live stream.

* Rank 0 warband
Every warband must start from rank 0

* Impressives are allowed
You may have any number of impressives in your warband.

* ‎DLC Heroes are allowed from Warband rank 5
You may have any number of DLC heroes in your warband, but only ONE active at any time.
You can NOT hire the 0 cost DLC heroes.

* No hired swords
Only rank 0 warriors can be hired

* A maximum of 5 veteran skill points can be used in total.

Map Settings:
Home player always creates - home player is the player on the LEFT side of the match overview

* Turn timer: 90 seconds
* Backtrack: 2
* Any random generated map allowed, home player picks
* Randomize the scenario here: http://gameknightplaysyt.wixsite.com/home/bbl
* Random objectives: YES

Round sequence:
* Before your FIRST match - play a match against an AI opponent (PvE)
* After a match, you can CHOOSE to play a PvE mission before your next match (NO story missions). You may pick any difficulty. You can NOT wait with your PvE missions and save them for a rainy day, must be played right after a PvP match.
* The WINNER fills in the report and adds a screenshot of the result page as proof of the win.


* What happens if I don’t respond to my opponent, or don’t arrange a match?
You will get one week if your opponent has tried a reasonably amount of times, to get in contact with you - if you do not respond within the one week you will be disqualified from the league and any future leagues.

* But what if real life gets in the way? Sickness, work and so on!
That we respect - but we need you to tell us. Instead of staying silent, respond to your opponent and let them know what is up, that way your opponent won’t mind and we will adjust accordingly.

* Will you be checking for cheaters?
Yes, every so often all players will be required to post a screenshot in the Discord channel of their progress (the initial loading screen when loading your warband) - if the numbers of skirmishes and PvE matches are misaligned (more PvE than Skirmishes for instance) we will have a chat.

* Any restrictions on the items in the shop?
What is available in the shop is allowed to be bought.

* Can I loot my opponent as I see fit
We recommend that you leave white weapons on your enemy, as to not cripple basic weaponry of the opposing warband, but any other rarity is up for grabs. Be sportsmanlike about it and we will have the best league.

* I won a match!
Wonderful - Congorats, now go to the Toornament page (link)
Find your match and click 'report'
Mark who won (you) and enter the amount of warriors each player took Out of Action in the match!
Attach a screenshot of the end results screen as proof.
Done - on to the next match, you are doing great!

* How to avoid Desyncs?
Pick fairly open maps (Noble’s Quarter is good) which don’t force a lot of climb/jump checks.
Avoid climbing or jumping as much as possible - it sucks I know, but it is proven to be the culprit.

* What if Desyncs, Disconnects and Crashes happen?
Players should backup their save games and make it a habit to remind each other to do so before starting a match - in case of a desync or a disconnect/crash (talk to each other via. voice or chat, and let each other know what is happening at your end to catch descyncs!) REDO the match if that happens or talk about how to handle it - I expect EVERYONE to not cheat and just say that it is desynced if it is going badly for you!

How to backup saves:

* Go to: Steam\userdata\[user account number]\276810
* Copy 'Remote'
* Save it somewhere safe (can be the same folder)
If you need to, copy the contents of ‘remote copy’ back into ‘remote’ - remember to make a NEW backup before each match!

Final words

Missing something? - chime in on the discord server and let your voice be heard!

All must join the discord: https://discord.gg/P46k7qn
After you join, write in the #BBL channel to get tagged with the #BBL2 tag.

Failure to comply with the rules can result in a warning and/or exclusion from the tournament and any future tournaments arranged by the kNightly Buddyhood.
League > League > Elemination Round
Europe/Copenhagen (UTC+01:00)
1st Place
5000 Golden Cookies (stream currency)
Discord Title: Buddyhood Brawl Champion [2]
Special Toornament Warband Icon (For use in future tournaments)

2nd Place
2500 Golden Cookies (stream currency)
Special Toornament Warband Icon (For use in future tournaments)

3rd Place
1000 Golden Cookies
Special Toornament Warband Icon (For use in future tournaments)