Playstation 4

PS4 NBA Live 18 3vs3 Community Tournament #1

By SavageInferno
NBA Live 18 PS4 3vs3 Community Tournament #1

First non-official PS4 3vs3 Community Tournament from a loyal Live fan. Looking to create more buzz and give players within the community something to look forward to playing and enjoying.
--------------- READ RULES CAREFULLY ---------------
Game Mode: Live Run 3vs 3
Platform: PS4
Size: 8 Teams (Subject to change on popularity)
Prize: Bragging rights and first seed for future 3vs3 tournament
Registration begins: 11/21/17
Check in: 1 hour before the tournament
Tournament begins: 12/09/17
Time: 12:00 pm EST

1. Each team must have 3 players total at all times (two substitution players on standby allowed).

2. Each team captain must register with and check in 1 hour before the tournament starts.

3. Each team captain must broadcast their rounds to the public through twitch, so team captains make sure your internet can both stream from PS4 and play online. (Also all players must speak within in game chat, that way viewers watching can hear the whole squad)

4. Before the round begins, each team captain will invite one another to the lobby. An online coin flip will be used to decide who wants home and who wants away. Once that's decided, each captain will then invite their teams to the lobby one at a time

5. Once a round begins, players are not allowed to change out characters and must stick to that character for that round. Once that round is over, players can switch their characters before the next round starts.

6. Players on Home and Away teams will both wear the same jerseys/shorts, so please have two uniforms made for your team (this way teams will know whos on who team and the viewers will as well).

7. Please make sure your team can commit to finishing the tournament (two back ups will be good just incase a teammate must drop).

8. After every round the tournament host will update the wins/loss to the tournament page.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
No prize information.