Destiny 2 3v3 Pro Liga PS4 #1
Playstation 4

Destiny2 3v3 Liga PS4

Von Destiny2Esports
16 teams have qualified to participate in this closed league.

They play 3 games on a weekend in 5 weeks and get 3 points for each match won, 1 point for a draw.

After each team has played against each team, the three teams with the most points get a prize.

- Round Robin
- Best of 3 maps

- Gametype: Clash (with radar)
- Map: The host picks the map from the bracket info list
- Time Limit: 10 minutes
- Score Limit: 50 points
- Respawn Time: 7 seconds
- The game ends when the remaining time is 0:00 or 50 points are achieved. All kills after this don't count.
- If a map ends in a tie, the map will have to be replayed until a team is victorious.

Character Restrictions
- One Titan, one Hunter and one Warlock per team
- No intentional suicide

Banned Weapons:
- Fusion Rifles
- Wavesplitter
- Chaperone
- Lord of Wolves
- Grenade Launchers
- Full Auto shotguns
- Tatara Gaze with the perk Kill Clip
- Izanagis Burden with the perk Kill Clip
- Power ammo (don't pick up the power ammo)

Mod Restrictions:
- No Super Mods
- Maximum 2x every other mod per player

Allowed exotic armor:
- Hunters: St0MP-EE5
- Warlocks: Transversive Steps
- Titans: Dunemarchers, Lion Rampant
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
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1st: 700€
2nd: 200€
3rd: 100€
PSN Name Changes
viperxsniper212 -> LtsViper-
Paralify- -> KingMeikito
vSchipool -> Fluuxy
NeZuu-- -> Unrxged
Liga- -> Poloniumz
zzPoloniumZ -> Hahbitual
TheProtoType201 -> AkoProto
leclear1 -> leclear
MrLeg__ -> LegSZN
CrazyGamer -> ltsCrayZ
ssob-_-Eniaz -> xZaine-

Player/Team Eligibility:
- Playstation ID, team name and team logo in good standing
- The team name must not be related to other teams’ name
- Each player may only be in one roster
- To protest against a result open a match dispute in Battlefy and send a screenshot

- The top team in each bracket will be the host for the series.
- Reduce the fireteam setting to "Invite only". Then invite the opponent team captain to the fireteam. After all players joined the fireteam, close the fireteam.
- The host is responsible for selecting the correct match settings.
- The maps are listed in the "schedule" of this tournament. The host picks the map from the map list of the corresponding round.

Check Loadout & Settings:
- Before the match starts, check the equipment of all opponents. If an opponent wears an unauthorized item, contact them. If they do not change the equipment, open a dispute or contact an organizer.
- Matches started with incorrect settings must be remade immediately, otherwise the settings are accepted by both teams. If a team does not accept incorrect settings, loadouts or wants to dispute connection issues, they have to leave the match immediately. Finished matches with a valid score will be assessed. If a wrong time has been set for the match and the match is not aborted immediately, then the entire time must be played. If a team leaves the match before the end of the set time, it forfeits the victory even if it was in the lead and the time had expired after the rules.

- Team rosters must consist of at least the minimum amount of players required to participate in a cup.
- Teams are only allowed to play with players on their roster. All roster changes must be made prior to the start of a cup or messaged to an organizer in Discord before the start of the match.
- If a side is missing a player the match can be played with less people but only if both teams agree.

Substitute Players:
- One substitute is allowed to play for your team during the Liga, starting with the next map.
- Substitutes cannot begin playing in a game that has already begun. Keep in mind that the substitute must have been on the team roster before the cup started or contact an organizer on Discord.
- If a teams wants to use more than one sub during the Liga, contact an organizer on Discord and wait for their approval.

No show:
If a participant is not ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, please open a match dispute on Battlefy or contact an organizer on Discord.


If members are DDOSed/disconnected before a team is halfway to the final score or time is less than halfway done (25 or less points for Clash, 5:00 or less for time) the match restarts. If the score or time is over half (26 or more points for Clash, 5:01 or later for time) the match is played out. The player who has been kicked out can rejoin the running match.The host is responsible for opening the fireteam so that a player who has been kicked out can rejoin.

Game/Lobby crash:
- Replay the map
- If the game crashes again, point lead wins based on elapsed time. For example, if one team was in the lead for 1:30 and another team was in the lead for 1:15, team 1 wins.

Connection issues, wrong map or wrong settings are circumstances where the match can be rehosted. In a re-hosted game each participant must choose the same character as they picked at the start of the original match. Lag issues will only qualify for a re-host if the issue occurs the within the first 5 minutes of the game.


If a contested situation not described by these rules occurs during a match, the team that has spotted it should immediately stop the match and inform an orgaizer about it. If the team does not stop the match and continues to play, it will be taken as an acceptance of the situation. The team will lose all rights to file a protest concerning that situation after the game has ended. Protests must be made immediately, or they may be ignored depending on the circumstances.

Behavior & Sportsmanship:

- Always stay civil and respectful to the tournament organizers and your opponents. What you do outside of the tournament is none of our business, but all interactions within the context of the tournament must follow this rule.
- Racism and all other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. A single report of this with proof will get you disqualified.
- When reporting a dispute, be patient. Some verdicts are not as easy to reach as others, and the tournament organizers must consider all available evidence and try to contact both parties.

The discord for this tournament is: