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Arctic FIFA19 Tournament

By TowerLan
This is the Arctic FIFA19 Tournament @ TowerLan.
Only (paid) registered gamers for the event will be accepted to participate.
TowerLan registration page: https://towerlan.be/registration
Europe/Brussels (UTC+01:00)
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1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a prize.
Prizes will be decided soon.
o Number of players per team: 1
o Compo Admins: Kendorian - Heliocentric
o End of registrations: Friday November 9th, 2018 at 22h30 CET
o Tournament start: Friday November 9th, 2017 at 23h00u CET
o Tournament finale: Saturday November 10th, 2017 at om 20h00 CET

General Regulations:

o Full tournament is set up as Playoffs - Single elimination
o The matches are automatically seeded by the Toornament system. No modifications are made.
o The score of each match needs to be filled in by the match winner in the Toornament system.
o If the score is incorrect (by mistake), an admin needs to be notified to change the score after the two teams agree.
o Every participant can dispute a score of one of their matches via Toornament, if there is discussion about the score. This dispute will be followed up by the admins, and closed with a decision. Decisions of the admins are final.
o Next to the finale, also a 3rd place finale is played between the 2 losing semifinalists.

o When a player is registered for the FIFA19 tournament, only he/she can play for that registration. It’s not allowed to have someone else play as substitution.

Game settings:
o The home player in Toornament, plays home in game.
o Half Length: 6 minutes
o Difficulty level: World class
o Game speed: Normal
o Ball: Default
o Pitch pattern: Default
o Pitch wear: Random
o Referee: Random
o Participants can choose their preferred platform to play their matches. If they can’t agree, the match(es) will be played on PS4, provided by TowerLan.
o A participant can use his/her own controller, if it can be connected to the preferred platform.

o Every team of every country is allowed
o Only existing club teams are allowed
o All players are obliged to use the predefined formation and player selection. Changing them is prohibited.
o Every participant can pause the game, only 1 time per match, for max 5 minutes.
o A player substitute taking less than 30 seconds, doesn’t count as a pause.
o When a match ends in a tie after the second half, extra time is played. If the match still ends in a tie after extra time, penalties decide the match.
o Whenever a match gets decided on penalties, the match score is entered in Toornament as 1 goal difference win for the winner. For example, if participant A wins after penalties at a 2-2 draw, a 3-2 win is entered in Toornament for the winning participant.

o Cheaters will be removed from the tournament. At multiple violations, the cheater will be removed from the lanparty.
o The TowerLan organization might compete in tournaments, but will never accept any prizes. If the miracle occurs that they end on a position where prizes are attached to, the next placed teams/players on prized positions will be placed one place higher in the prize ranking.
o Rules may be subject to change until 1 hour before tournament start.
o The organization reserves the right to adjust any score after reviewing possible disputes.

If you have remarks or questions about the setup, let us know via info@towerlan.be or the TowerLan Facebook page!