Cookie Policy

Last Modified: May 23, 2018

Toornament SAS, a French company with registered office located at 10 rue de penthièvre, 75008 Paris, France, is committed to protecting your privacy and grants importance to the confidentiality of your data over Internet (hereinafter the “Company”, “We” or “we”). This cookie policy (hereinafter the “Cookie Policy”) applies to all services offered to persons using or visiting (hereinafter, the “Users”, “You” or “you”) the internet website (hereinafter the “Website”) as well as indications on how you can set your browser or tools to oppose the storage of cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file of limited size that is stored on your terminal equipment (computer, mobile) when you visit an internet website. The term cookies is in the broadest sense and covers all the trackers stored or read when consulting the Website, reading an email, installing a software or using a mobile application.
There are several types of cookies: (i) technical cookies for facilitating the browsing of the Website (for example, to keep your session active and avoid having to relog to your account each time you change a page); (ii) cookies deposited by the publisher of the Website or by its processors and (iii) third-party cookies that are issued from the elements displayed on the Website.
When you visit the Website, we may, subject to your choices, install and store cookies on your terminal equipment through your browser. When you will connect on the Website using the same terminal equipment, the browser will be able to use the data of the cookie and transmit it to the Website.
Cookies placed on your terminal equipment are important for the proper performance of the Website and in particular for the following operations:

  • Remember information relating to a form that you filled on the Website when you submitted your registration, for example
  • Allow the technical and administrative operation of the Website
  • Measure the audience of people visiting the Website
  • Collect statistics data in order to optimize the Website features
  • Adapt the advertisements of multimedia contents implemented by multimedia services

Some cookies may already be installed on your terminal equipment and others require user consent. When a cookie requires the user consent, a cookie banner will inform you about its presence. As long as you do not navigate on the Website, we will not store any cookies on your terminal equipment (computer, mobile,...). You can also consult the Privacy Policy or the Cookie Policy before we store any cookie on your terminal equipment.

What are the cookies that we use?

Cookies that may be deposited on your terminal equipment can be divided into three categories: (i) technical cookies, (ii) audience measurement cookies and (iii) social network and multimedia cookies. For each category of cookies, we provide you information concerning the name of the cookie, the depositor (us or a third party), its purpose, its storage period and any means of objection (are exempted of the objection of such deposit of cookies, only the cookies that are strictly necessary for the performance and the security of the Website)

How to configure the deposit and storage of cookies?

You can either manually configure the deposit of the cookies, or automatically by configuring your browser settings, following the information below.

Technical cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to ensure your good navigation on the Website, to access secure parts such as the organizer dashboard tool or participation in tournaments and to ensure the security of your Personal Data. These cookies are strictly necessary to provide the Services at the express request of the user.

Audience measurements cookies

As its name indicates, audience measurements cookies are used to measure audience, user traffic on the Website and to produce statistics in order to improve the Services.

Social network and multimedia cookies

Social network and multimedia cookies are cookies issued by social network services or video providers, whose services are available on the Website. These cookies are usually issued by third parties and allow you to share content via your favorite social networks.
Some cookies may be deposited through the Site by the following services:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • VKontakte
  • Twitch
  • Major League Gaming
  • Azubu

Configure your internet browser

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. We inform you that by setting your browser to refuse cookies, certain features of the Website may not be accessible or available. We cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from an objection to the deposit of a cookie.

For Internet Explorer™

You can find all information to configure the cookies on this page:

  1. Select the “Tools” button in the top of your browser and select “Internet Options”
  2. Go to “Privacy” tab, under “Settings” and move the slider to the top to block a maximum of cookies or move the cursor to the bottom to authorize a maximum of cookies
  3. Select “OK” to save your settings.

For Chrome™

You can find all information to configure the cookies on this page:

  1. Click on the button “Customize and control Google Chrome” at the top right of your browser and then, click on “Settings”.
  2. At the bottom, click “Advanced”
  3. Under “Privacy and security”, click on “Content settings”
  4. Click on “Cookies”
  5. Select the settings of the cookies as you prefer:
    - “Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)” means that you authorize your Google Chrome browser to implement the cookies of the publisher of the Website and third party cookies
    - “Keep local data only until you quit your browser” means that you authorize the websites you visit during your session to implement the cookies of the publisher of the Website and third party cookies. When you will leave your session (by closing Google Chrome), these cookies will be automatically remove from your terminal equipment.
    - “Block third-party cookies” means that Google Chrome will block all third party cookies.

For Firefox™

You can find all information to configure the cookies on this page:

  1. Click on the button “Firexfox” in the top of your browser and choose “Options”.
  2. Select the “Privacy & Secutiry” panel and go to History section
  3. Check-mark “Accept cookies from websites” to enable cookies. Uncheck it to disable cookies. Disable cookies might prevent some pages from displaying correctly.
  4. Choose the storage period that you want:
    - “Keep until they expire” means that each cookie implemented on your terminal equipment will be removed when it reaches its expiration date, which is set by the cookie depositor
    - “Keep until I close Firefox” means that cookies that are stored on your terminal equipment will be removed when Firefox is closed.

For Opera™

You can find all information to configure the cookies on this page:

  1. Choose “Safari” on your browser
  2. Click “Preferences” and then click “Privacy”
  3. Change which cookies and website data are accepted

Configure your mobile

On iOS™

You can find all information to configure the cookies on this page:

On Android™

You can find all information to configure the cookies on this page:


We reserve the right to make changes in this Cookie Policy. We encourage you to regularly review this Cookie Policy. This Cookie Policy was last modified on the date indicated above.


For any question related to our Cookie Policy, you can contact us at [email protected] or by mail at Toornament - Privacy - 10 rue de penthièvre, 75008 Paris, France. For any questions related to the protection of personal data performed by Toornament, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]. In the event that you are not satisfied by a response, you can make a claim to the French CNIL.