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Halo Wars 2 World Series Q3
PCXbox One

Halo Wars 2 World Series Qualifier 3 by EuropaHalo

By EuropaHalo
Online, Online
The third cup of EuropaHalo's competitive support for Halo Wars 2

This is a seeding cup to determine rankings for a later World Series League/Cup.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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Seeding Points for future events.

Prize Pool pending and is TBA based off donations to EuropaHalo's support for Halo Wars 2.
Conduct Rules of Europa Halo include:

- Players MUST be in the EuropaHalo Discord at all times to arrange games and report results or they cannot play in the tournament -
- 2 Tournament no-shows result in a tournament ban.
- Harassment will result in a ban, be that of a Europa Halo staff member or a player. No exceptions.

Gameplay Rules of the EuropaHalo include:

- Each player will receive 1 Leader Ban ( Lower seed bans first) Which will be banned for the entire length of that series
- No Repeat Leaders in a Single Series (Leaders can only be used once against the same opponent). When a player double picks the opponent can choose your next leader and can make a change of his own(no double pick allowed) if he wants.
- Disconnects after the 45 Second mark will be counted as a loss.
- 15 Minute tournament no-show rule. When 15 minutes passed an admin will try to contact the player one last time. If that player doesn't respond within 5 minutes he will be placed into the losers bracket. When the opponent in the losers bracket is ready to play the no show must be online or it will result in a loss. When both players are a no show highest seed goes through and has a chance to show up before he has to play the next opponent.
- When a player has technical difficulties he has to contact an admin through Discord or Xbox live. From that moment on he will lose a game of the series every 20 minutes until he can play or lost the series.
-Players will be notified when their games are casted. First round casted games will start 15 minutes later to ensure smooth follow ups without downtime for the viewers
-Discord is mandatory. Thats where players need to report the leader bans and match results.
-Gamertags must have an online status so its easier for the players and admins to know if you are playing or not. When the gamertag is offline the no show rule will be in effect.
-Players have to check in themselves on the toornament page, or contact an admin if they are not able to check in and the tournament hasnt started yet.
(unstreamed games require Screenshot proof of messaging your opponent)
- 45 Minute Game timer (Winner is chosen by the casting team)
- Smurfing rules are in effect (see below)
- Account sharing is not tolerated. If we find that someone else is playing on your account or that you are playing on some else’s account, BOTH parties will be banned from play for the remainder of the season”


-For this event, participants will not be allowed at any time to stream their matches live to any platform. Participants are allowed to record their own matches to evaluate post-tournament.

Reporting Results

Results MUST be reported through the Discord Only

- Report your results in the HaloEuropa Discord #ReportResults Channel -
- Contact GamerTags Exo Kab00m or II Metalizer II via Xbox or Discord if you have any problems



Smurfing Rules/ Entry Requirements

+ Online Matches Completed: 50 Matches
+ Online Rank: Must of finished placement matches in any ranked Deathmatch playlist
+ Gamerscore: Must have at least 500 Gamerscore total
+ Xbox Live: Must have XBL Gold or prove the individual plays on PC with a print-screen of them in a game lobby visibly showing their gamertag, and any form of proof they are on a computer.

Points Distribution

1st 400 points
2nd 350 points
3rd 300 points
4th 250 points
5th 6th 200 points
7/8th 180 points and then so on in 20 point incremental steps per place from then on


Round of 32: Rift
Round of 16: Frontier, Vault & Bedrock (if Necessary)
Round of 8: Bedrock, Ashes & Mirage (if Necessary)
Semis: Rift, Frontier, Ashes, Mirage (if necessary) & Vault (If necessary)
Finals: Bedrock, Frontier, Vault, Mirage (if necessary) & Rift (if necessary)
Grand Finals: Rift, Bedrock, Ashes, Frontier (if necessary) & Vault (if necessary)

Losers Bracket

Frontier = BO1
Rift, Bedrock, Frontier = BO3