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Rainbow Six: Siege GameXpo Community Cup

By Ubisoft Nordic
GameXpo, Ubisoft Booth
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Europe/Helsinki (UTC+03:00)
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1st Prize:
5 x Rainbow Six Siege loot box

2nd Prize:
5x Rainbow Six Siege T-shirt + Charm
All players must 18+ to participate in the tournament!

If any of your accounts has previously been banned for cheating, you are considered in quarantine for 2 years from date of the ban.

Each player can only participate on one team during the tournament.

All matches will be played with 5 players per team, if you are 4 or less, you will receive an auto-loss regardless of any agreements you have made with opponents.

It is only allowed to substitute a player before the match starts. If the match is started (picking operator and spawn points) all 5 players of a team must play the game till the end. It is possible to switch players in a Bo3 between the maps. A team with less than 5 players will be disqualified.

You can substitute the players before start of each match.

Any form of toxicity and unprofessional behavior will be punished. Keep both face 2 face, Discord, Match lobby chats and in-game chat professional and clean.

Going against any of these rules can lead to permanent exclusion from the tournament and all future tournaments hosted by Ubisoft.

At this point, please be advised to talk with the admin and opponents and add each other on UPLAY, so you can invite each other in the game.

Please do the map voting before you enter the stage. The match must start no later than shown in the tournament admin tool. If an opponent team is not ready to play after the time has run out, the team that is active and has been there will receive an auto-win.

Players are responsible for their own hardware / PC / Setup.

Winning Team Captain will report their team’s score if needed.

Due to potential advantages or bugs/glitches the following items are not allowed:
- Wind Bastion skins
- Blood Orchid skins
- Outbreak collection
- Valkyrie + Twitch Elite sets
- Ember Rise skins

No Show - If a team is not ready to play 10 minutes after both teams have an opponent, they should be reported as a no show to an admin on the showfloor or Discord.

Spawn Peek - Yes, spawn peeking is allowed.

Re-host - You as a player can ask for a re-host if you have issues with the game. Please note if the round has started (from first second of the prep phase) a re-host cannot be done before the end of the round.

If a re-hosting is needed, each player need to choose the same settings as they picked at the start of the round.

Max 1 re-host per map.

Macros - Macros are not allowed, and if discovered, it will lead to a permanent ban from the tournament and future tournaments.

Any actions in-game that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug and glitch using of any kind. In a tournament using any bug, glitch or cheat will result in the team receiving a warning, and if it happens a second time, the team will be disqualified. To report a team for glitching / using bugs, take screenshots and call an admin immediately. Keep in mind that elevated pings do not count as an unfair advantage, unless it exceeds our maximum limit.

Cheating of any kind is not allowed in this or any of the tournaments hosted by Ubisoft.

Any person that has a standing cheating ban by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six: Siege is ineligible to participate. Same goes for ‘’boosted by cheater’’. If your issue is under investigation, sign up for the tournament once you have provided proof that the ban has been lifted and/or case has been closed in your favor, otherwise you will be automatically removed from the tournament.

In order to receive any prizes, the team must complete their matches. A forfeited match will impose a penalty to the team by only counting the result of the teams last completed match.

8 teams in a single elimination bracket.
All matches are played best of 1 map.

Matches have to be played with the following settings (Different agreements between the players are not allowed):

Playlist Type: Normal Mode
Server Type: Dedicated Server
Voice Chat: Team Only
Time of the Day: Day
HUD Settings: Pro League
Game mode: Bomb

Match Settings
Number of bans: 4
Ban timer: 15
Number of Rounds: 10
Attacker/Defender Role Swap: 5
Overtime: 3
Overtime Score Difference: 2
Overtime Role Change: 1
Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
Attacker Unique Spawn: On
Pick Phase Timer: 20
6th Pick Phase: On
6th Pick Phase Timer: 15
Reveal Phase Timer: 5
Damage Handicap: 100
Friendly Fire Damage: 100
Injured: 20
Sprint: On
Lean: On
Death Replay: Off
Game Mode: TDM Bomb

Plant Duration: 7
Defuse Duration: 7
Fuse Time: 45
Defuser Carrier Selection: On
Preparation: 45
Action: 180

Amaru and Goyo are not allowed to be used.

Map pool
Club House
Kafe Dostoyevsky

Ban phase Bo1:
T1 ban - T2 ban - T1 ban - T2 ban - T1 ban - T2 ban - T1 choose side

Decisions made by Ubisoft are final and cannot be contested. If you wish to complain in any way, send an email to: with the title: ‘’Complaint R6NC’’
The tournament admin can change any rules if it is to give the best possible experience for competing teams and viewers.