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NA Essentials.TF Monthly #1 Season #1

By Essentials.TF
Welcome to the first Essentials.TF Monthly Cup of season 1.

Sign-ups close Friday the 9th 23:59 EST.
Check-in starts at 17:30 on Saturday and 16:30 on Sunday.

Day 1 consists of 5 rounds of swiss (BO1) and starts at 18:00 EST on Saturday the 10th.
Day 2 consists of a 16 team single elimination BO1 with the finals and semi-finals being BO3. Day 2 starts at 17:00 EST on Sunday the 11th.

Map pool:


Round 1: 18:00
Round 2: 19:00
Round 3: 20:00
Round 4: 21:00
Round 5: 22:00

Round 1: 17:00
Round 2: 18:00
Semi-finals: 19:00
Finals: 21:00

Config: essentials5cp
Whitelist: 8363
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Prizepool: $1000
1st Place: $600
2nd Place: $300
3rd Place: $60
4th Place: $60
1.1 All times posted are in CET for EU and EST for NA.
1.2 All communication is to be done via the Discord.

2.1 All players are to be on the Discord Server.
2.2 All players have to record POV demos.
2.3 Offensive nicknames and avatars are not allowed.
2.4 Offensive content in-game is not allowed.
2.5 All players have to provide their SteamID64.
2.6 If your game gets casted no fake-nicks or similar are allowed.

3.1 Teams are allowed to have 8 players on their roster.
3.2 Teams are allowed to play with all players on their roster during a tournament.
3.3 Teams are not allowed to add players to the roster during the tournament.
3.4 If opponents agree teams are allowed to bring in max 2 mercs that is not on the toornament roster.
3.5 Teams signing up for tournaments need to be able to provide a server for their matches.

Match Rules:
4.1 All matches are to be played with the latest version of the Essentials config.
4.2 All matches are to be played with the latest vesion of the Essentials Whitelist. Any rules under cup specific rules might overrule this.
4.3 Class limits are 2 for each of scout, soldier and pyro; 1 for all other classes
4.4 Teams decide together which server to play the match on.
4.5 The winning team is responsible for sending tournament admins status and scoreboard screenshot and the match result via Discord.
4.6 A delay of 10 minutes is allowed. If a team does not have all players on the server after 10 minutes their opponents can claim a default win. Status screenshot needs to be sent to the tournament admins to claim a default win with the team claiming the default win having all 6 players on the server.
4.7 Teams are allowed to switch a maximum of 1 player per match at a maximum of 1 time.
4.8 Teams are not allowed to play with less than 4 players.
4.9 No spectators are allowed.
4.10 A team can request 1 pause per map. The pause may go on for a maximum of 10 minutes.
4.11 If a map ends in a draw during the swiss stage, both teams are awarded 1 point each.
4.12 If a map ends in a draw during playoffs a golden cap will decide the winner with a timelimit of 10. If the timelimit runs out the team holding mid wins.
4.13 All matches are to be played on a servers of the tournaments geographical location, either NA or EU, unless both teams agree to play on a different server location.

5.1 No cheating of any kind is allowed.
5.2 Use of bugs is not allowed.
5.3 Scripts that allow a player to perform an action in-game that he would not be able to execute without the script, or scripts that purposefully disrupt the player hitbox are banned. Scripts that freeze or glitch the player model (e.g. in mid-air to be less predictable) to make it harder to hit are also banned.

6.1 All communication with tournament admins is to be had on the Discord.
6.2 Admins are allowed to make changes to the rules and/or make final decisions on situations during the tournament not included in the written rules.

7.1 The prizes will be paid out no longer than 60 days after the event has ended.
7.2 All players are responsible for paying any taxes or fees that may occur as a result of winning prize money in the tournament.