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From communities to game publishers, thousands of organizers trust Toornament to organize their esports tournaments

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Why Toornament?

Organize, manage & share your competitions with Toornament.

State-of-the-art Tournament Engine

From brackets to battle royale rankings, pick and combine our formats for up to 4,096 participants.

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Manage Your Players, Own Your Data

Gather useful data from your participants, it is yours to export and process at any time.

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Increase the Reach of Your Tournament

Share your tournament information thanks to our embeddable widgets and our live TV module.

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What Can You Build?

Leverage our tournament engine to create your own esports universe around your brand: launch your esports platform, automate your event production pipeline or add in-game esports features. Here are a couple of use cases to get your wheels turning:

Automated Event Production
Connect all your information systems to our technology and automate your event production pipeline. No more human mistakes or delays in communicating the results.
ESWC use case
Official Competition Website
Create the official website of your competition, in your own branding, dedicated to the fans. Display your sponsors, add content, tell stories.
LFL use case
White-Label Platform
Gather your entire community, from the grassroots players to the pros, on your esports platform. It's built with your login system, and you own the data.
Gears use case
In-Game Tournaments
Think LiveOps. Increase the retention of your player base by adding in-game tournament features. Open new streams of revenue.
Gladiabots use case
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A Dashboard Designed For Your Referees

Our dashboard gives you full control over the tournament workflow. Open registration to participants, validate their information. Choose the right tournament structure, seed your participants, let the players start their matches and see the evolution of your competition.

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A Developer-Ready Solution

Easily integrate our solution in your projects, thanks to our REST API, that follows the OpenAPI Specification (OAS).

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