USTA 2018 Fall Tournament

By US Tak Association
The fall tournament of the US Tak Association 2018 season!

Round 1 - Sept 7-8
Round 2 - Sept 9-10
Round 3 - Sept 11-13
Round 4 - Sept 14-15
Round 5 - Sept 16-17

You are responsible for contacting your opponent and playing your match within the period allowed for each round. All opponent contact should be made through Discord -
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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Top 2 finishers are qualified into the 2018 USTA Open, which begins Oct 13th.
All other participants will accumulate points towards their season total, which will be used to determine the final qualifiers for the 2018 USTA Open finals.

2018 season standings can be found here -
* All players must be members of the US Tak Association - - your member ID must be supplied at signup.

* Players must play their match for each round by 4am (CDT) the morning following the day listed for the round. Failure to appear or make contact for a match may be reported by your opponent as a forfeit. Matches without a reported result may be ruled a draw.

* All matches are to be played as 2 games on the 6x6 board size. Players alternate going first.

* All games are to be played with 10m+10s time controls.

* All opponent contact should be made through the Tak Talk Discord server - (unless otherwise agreed)