For Honor PC Dominion Ladder

For Honor PC Dominion Ladder

By ForHonor-Esports.Net
Online, Europe
Creating Matches

- Choose one match from the "My Matches" list and contact your opponent fo find a day and time where you want to play
- The team captain from the top side of the bracket will be the host and is responsible for adding the opposing captain, inviting the opposing captain, and selecting the correct match settings.
- The team that is not hosting picks the first map and side, then losers pick the next map(s) and side
- If players are having issues inviting each other, restart all games and try again.
- If you are still having connection problems try to use a different host before your contact an admin
- If both teams still cannot connect to each other we may have to ask a team to forfeit the match.


- If a player disconnects before the first minute and first kill of the game, simply remake the game with the same characters, on the same map.
- If the disconnect occurs after the first minute or first kill, the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage. The disconnected player is allowed to rejoin the match with the same character.
- If the player cannot join again, the team can play out the map with a bot or use a substitute player.

Game/Lobby crash:

- Replay the map
- If the game crashes again, point lead wins based on elapsed time. For example, if one team was in the lead for 1:30 and another team was in the lead for 1:15, team 1 wins.
Structure to be determined.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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At the end of the month, the teams get a prize according to their ranking score:

1. 50€
2. 30€
3. 10€
Best of 3

Match settings:
Game Mode: Dominion 4v4
Overwatch, Forge, Gauntlet, Sentinel, Riverfort and Beachhead are banned from being picked

Auto Add Bots = Off
Default Bot Ranking = Auto
Single Pick = On
Timer = 20 minutes (standard)
Gear stats = Off
Stance Widget = On

Reknown = Normal
Revenge = On
Feat Cooldown = Normal
Damage = Normal
Revive = On
Respawn Speed = Normal
Radar = On
Feats = On
Single Pick = On