Gladiabots World Cup 2018

By Mumpsimus
Semi-Official Gladiabots World Cup tournament.

Structure mimics that of the FIFA Soccer World Cup, so 8 groups of 4 players in the group stage, top 2 of each group advance to a single elimination bracket phase.

The World Cup is open to anyone, but the first 24 spots are reserved for those players who wish to play who ranked highest in Gladiabots Season 1. There will be a Swiss qualifying round for the final 8 spots. I've optimistically reserved 40 spots for that round, but I'll be happy if we get 32 players total. The qualifying round will only happen if we get more.

I'll try to pace the games if I can so that the tournament is exciting, which means it will take a bit. I intend for each stage to take about a week. I'll try to do (or get others to help do) daily stream recaps of the games and the current standings.

Further description, and a chance to provide feedback on the gladiabots forums here:


Please tell others who enjoy the game about this tournament.
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
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1st wins 20000 unlock points
2nd wins 10000 unlock points
3rd wins 5000 unlock points
Please only register if you intend to play. A tournament is less fun if half the players don't show up or don't stick with it until the end.

The tournament will be played with the latest *OFFICIALLY RELEASED* version of Gladiabots. Please don't deploy tournament matches with a release candidate.

All games will be best of 3, to try to eliminate unlucky map choices. This also means you can adjust your AI between games to adapt to your opponent. If you do not deploy in time, your last deployed AI will be used, which may not be one that you intended to play in the tournament, so please keep an eye on your games. Deploying a game takes all of 5 seconds, and doing so in a timely manner will keep things moving along.

I will only accept registrations from folks who have read and understood these rules, and have notified me ( @mumpsimus ) of that fact, by direct message on discord. Click the discord link in the game under extras and go to the #tournaments channel, or use the discord invite on the tournament, or this link:


to go there directly.

Alternatively, email me at thisfred+wc2018 at gmail dot com.

If you do neither of these things, your registration will not be considered (though I might try to follow up with you, but please don't make me chase everyone ;)