Ultimate Smash Tournament

By NerdWorld Gaming
Bell Street Retro Arcade
This a live event.

$20 for register participants
($10 venue fee, $10 entry fee)

$25 for nonregistry
($10 venue fee, $15 entry fee)

-Fees are due the day of the tournament-

PreRegistration closes at 1 or when cap is reached, all participants must check in before 1:30 p.m. last chance sign up if cap is not reach, is between 1:00 & 1:30 pm Tournament begins at 2

Please read and understand the rules of the tournament. It is your responsibility.

You must have a toornament account to register for this event on toornament.

This is a brawl between 4 players in a free for all match. (player vs player vs player vs player)
32 players, 8 Groups Of 4

Players are eliminated by 2 until the final 4
America/North Dakota/Center (UTC-05:00)
250$ (top performing player)
The rules may be updated and/or modified at any time , for any reason without notice

Super Smash Bro. Tournament
Setting & Rules

Tournament Settings

Style - Stock Battle
Stock - 3 (5 stock for semifinals & Finals)
Time Limit - 5 min (7 min for semifinals & finals)
FS Meter - off
Spirits - off
CPU Lv. - any
Damage Handicap - off
Stage Selection: Battlefield Stages Only

The following stages are prohibited
All Form
New Pork City
Green Hill Zone
Windy Hill Zone
Dracula’s Castle

Items - smash ball
Random Stage Selection - random Battlefield only.

First to: 1 win
Stage Morph - off (on - for semifinals & finals)
Stage Hazards - on
Team Attack - off
Launch - 1.0x
Underdog Boost - off
Pausing - Off
Score Display - Off
Show Damage - Yes

Player cap: 32
Bracket: Group brackets (4 players to a group)

Character Ban: Mii Fighters


Bracket: A chart indicating who should play whom at any point in the tournament.

Match: is a pairing between four people in the group. The four people play each other until 1 player is left standing, and 2 are eliminated.
All matches are single elimination until the semifinals & finals.
Semifinals & finals stock will increase to 5 stocks w/ 7min

Players will be eliminated by 2, until 4 players are left at the Finals

Game: Is a single game between 4 players. For example, a game is over when the last player out of 4 is left standing in Super Smash Bro. Ultimate.
Make sure you understand the difference between a Match and a Game.

Single Elimination: is when a player or team is eliminated from the tournament after a single game defeat, for example In Super Smash Bro. Ultimate game, the first players to lose all 3 stocks are eliminated.

Seeding: Seeding is where participants are placed. Seed are in numbers #1-100, 1 being the highest seed, and #100 being the lowest seed. Seeding will be random.

Side Choosing: from highest seed to lowest seed will determine which side each seed will be playing.
For example: seed 1,2,3,4 will be player 1,2,3,4.
if seeds are 36,5,17,20, seed 5 is player 1, seed 17 is player 2, seed 20 will be player 3 and seed 36 is player 4.

Choosing Character: once players have chosen sides, Players are to choose their characters.

Mii fighters are ban.

Playing the Match game: Once sides and characters have been chosen, the players should begin the first Game in the Match.

-The following Rules go into effect once a Game begins-

The game is over when last character standing.

The winner if the match must screenshot the standing at the ends of the match.

All players have 10min to report there standings after each match. Failure to report will result in a lost and eliminated from tournament.

1st & 2nd advances, 3rd & 4th are eliminated.

Semifinals & Finals match

Stock and time are increase to 5 w/ 7 min.

The game is over when last character standing

The winner of the match must screenshot the standings at the end of the match.

All players have 10min to report there standings after each match. Failure to report will result in a lost and eliminated from tournament.

Semifinals match 1st & 2nd advances 3rd & 4th are eliminated

In a Finals match all players are to play until one player is left standing.

Pausing: pausing is off

Forfeiture: a forfeit may may occur either by surrendering or by breach of rules and will result in a lose of game.

After each game ends, the next match players of have 10min to report to the console, If players are not present or if time runs out, will result in a forfeit of game and is eliminated from the tournament. The remaining players game will continue with the game.
once all players are present, the game is to start.

Any player that changes the tournament setting of the game will result in a forfeit.

Rule Enforcement and Disqualification:
Physically harming another tournament participant or staff (smacking, punching, etc).
Excessive Misconduct (e.g. theft, causing a disruption which delays the tournament, racial slurs or excessive trash talking, etc.)

Participation in this Tournament constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules