Onidemoni Stream Cup

By Onidemoni
Online, Germany
The Onidemoni Stream Cup is the first Cup organized by the Twitch Streamer onidemoni.

Check-In: 12 am - 1 pm German Time Zone
Start: 1 pm German Time Zone
End: Depending on the Situation approx. 10pm maximum
It is a 5vs5 Team Tournament with a Group Stage, followed by Playoffs and a Best of Three Finals.

Everyone under Diamond 4 is free to participate. No Clans or Community required!

Winners will recive great prices in case of their Victorys!

Any Questions?
Join the Stream: https://twitch.tv/onidemoni
Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/yA5S549
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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Prize Pool will be updated. Depending on Riot for sponsoring. Else there will be a Mysterie Gift worth atleast 975 for every member of the winning team. Also Giveaways in the stream.
1) Participants from Bronze V - Diamond V in Season 8 are allowed. Unranked Players have to be atleast lvl. 50 to participate.
2) Smurfs and their teams are getting disqualified. Players backgrounds will be checked and games will be observed to ensure anti-smurfing.
3)BM, Sexism, Racism and Flame are not allowed and People that break these rules will also be disqualified.
4) Teamcaptains have to be acessable in the Stream Discord in case of emergencys.
5) Leaving Pick and Ban phase will be punished by loosing one of ur Bans. The last Pick and Ban phase has to be played out identical until the point of the leave. If a Team leaves a second time, they are disqualified aswell.
6) The next round will begin when all the games being played are finished and the 15 min break after every round is over.
7) Teams have to register online and check in their teams before the start of the tournament.
8) The Teamcaptains have to screenshot the Endscreen and send it to the admins to ensure they won. (Players, Teams, Stats and Victory Symbol has to be visible.)
9) Each player can only participate in one team at a time.
10) Substitutes are not allowed. Only in special emergencys players can be replaced. The replaced Player will loose all earned Prizes. The admins have to accept the Replacement.
11) Every Team can use 3 breaks with a max limit of 10 mins each. This is to ensure there will be no stalling and abuse of the break function.
12) No Streaming is allowed. (Anti-Ghosting-Rule)