Gladiabots cup 2019.02 collection

By Pier4r
Online, Online
Attempt to restart the old but gold "Gladiabots cup" series. If it works I'll try a tournament every two weeks or every four. We will see.

Final results:
1st Bockwurst
2nd Milkhunter
3rd mumpsimus
4th gtresd
5th pier4r nvidia k1
6th thecommonpigeon
7th kasv
8th HeartlessVoid
9th stampid

- SavageX89's Highlight Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCrNBcrZhoA&;t=3458
- Matches log: https://wiki.gladiabots.com/index.php?title=User:Pier4r/tournaments
- Forum thread: https://forum.gladiabots.com/viewforum.php?f=27
- Discord: https://chat.gladiabots.com
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
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This tournament has a 10000 unlock points prize pool.
Top 1-3 gets 50% of the pool, top 4-6 gets 30% and top 7-9 gets 20%.
In each group the 1st takes 50%, 2nd takes 30% and 3rd takes 20%.

Top 1-3 share 5000 UPs:
1st wins 2500 UPs
2nd wins 1500 UPs
3rd win 1000 UPs

Top 4-6 share 3000 UPs:
4th wins 1500 UPs
5th wins 900 UPs
6th wins 600 UPs

Top 7-9 share 2000 UPs:
7th wins 1000 UPs
8th wins 600 UPs
9th wins 400 UPs

By winning, you also get recorded on the gladiabots forum and on https://tournaments.gladiabots.com/ for glory.
Also if you come in the chat: http://chat.gladiabots.com/ we can congratulate you.
Use the latest stable public release of the game (today: 2019-01-30 it is beta 3.2).

The tournament will be based on autodeployment, picking your last deployed AI in ranked matches (based on collection, or scoring resources). Therefore to have your best shot in the tournament improve your ranked AI as much as possible.

Players should apply with a name that matches their nickname in game. You can use this webpage to find your nickname : https://stats.gladiabots.com/ (use the search function)

The size of the tournament doesn't really matter. We will adapt. Accepted players have played at least 10 ranked games in the current season (season 2). So it will be possible to pick their AI for autodeployments.

The START DATE is just a guideline, the tournament will start earlier if there are enough participants, or later if we still need a couple more applications.

If there are 8 valid registrations is already quite good. More than 8 is even better.