Woduels LoL Tournament (Saturday Evening)

By World Of Duels
Welcome to the WODuels weekend WODCOINS tournament! This tournament starts at 18:00 p.m GMT (London Time) on Saturday the 9th of february.

If you want to participate, you must reach out on our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/FEBuQ52 , this is the ONLY way to register !

Structure to be determined.
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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This is a knockout tournament.The two finalists and the winner of the losing bracket at the end of the tournament will be rewarded as follows (the more people join, the higher the prize pool will be):

- 3rd place: a bonus of 50 WODcoins (5 Euros)
- 2nd place: a bonus of 100 WODcoins (10 Euros)
- 1st place: a bonus of 200 WODcoins (20 Euros)

*In order to withdraw your funds and receive your prize, you must register on the Woduels platform (www.woduels.com)
**You must be over 18 to participate
*** You must play at least 5 duels for any amount before you can withdraw your funds
Please read the rules carefully, as disobeying the rules may incur penalties:

-You must be over 18 to participate in this tournament.

-By entering this tournament, you agree to the rules of League of Legends on the Woduels site.


Each player gets to ban 3 champions for the other player. Banned champions will need to be mentioned in the comments section as follow.
You may add any masteries you want.
The ONLY map we allow is: Howling Abyss (ARAM map)
All items are available, except for the ones you cannot purchase on that map.

There are 3 different ways of winning:

1. Taking the first Blood- If you are executed by an enemy turret, this does NOT count as a loss. If both players die on the same team fight the one that dies first loses.

2. Getting 100 CS (Killing 100 minions)-The first duelist that reaches 100 farm wins the duel

3. Getting the first turret down

Remember :

-If you do not show 15 minutes within the time you are supposed to play, you will be disqualified and your opponent will have won. If you enroll on this tournament, you commit to be available for the whole tournament duration (4 hours), unless you were fully eliminated.

-You must declare that your result within ten minutes of the end of the game. Failure to declare a result will include penalties, such as a ban from future competitions and will also mean that your opponent will have won.

-Be sure to record your games. If you are unable to record your games, be sure to take a screenshot/picture of the result once the game ends, as proof of victory.

-Any cheating, foul play or lie, will be analysed and sanctioned severely, so simply be honest and enjoy the game !

We urge you to join our Discord, in order to talk to our admins if any issues/questions arise and to better communicate with your opponents during the tournament: https://discord.gg/FEBuQ52

Good luck !!