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Ins. Sandstorm Spring EU Cup#1

Insurgency Sandstorm Spring EU Cup#1

By Insurgency Sandstorm Poland
Online, online
Insurgency: Sandstorm Spring EU Cup # 1

Event type: Single Elimination
Region: EU
Mode: 5v5 Firefight Match
Round Time: 2.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit: 11 Rounds
Max Rounds: 21
Team Count: 16
Team Size: Max 8 players (5 Core, 3 Subs)

Tournament maps: Hideout West, Summit East, Refinery, Farmhouse West, Precinct East, Farmhouse East, Hideout East, Crossing West, Summit West.

Map selection: All maps are selected via a combination of vetoes and picks. One team selects the side (Sec/Ins), the other team gets the first ban (and thus, pick).

Match Day/Time: Event starts at 19:30 CEST (GMT+2) on Saturday, April 6th.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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1st. $100
2nd. $100
3rd. $50
1. Admins have the right to make their own judgments on special cases or cases undisclosed in the rules.
2. ISP’s discord server [] is the official method of communication for organizers and teams.
3. Every team captain has to confirm their teams presence in the #spring-cup-1-report text channel 30 minutes before the match starts.
4. Every team captain must be in the ISP’s discord server.
5. Any offensive language in in-game or pregame chat is strictly forbidden and will result in warnings or bans.
6. Using bugs or glitches intentionally will be treated as forfeiting the match.
7. Once started the games will not be stopped for technical issues of the players. If they are dropped from the server they are allowed to reconnect.
8. Players should use the same names in-game as on
9. Cheating is strictly forbidden and results in an immediate permanent ban to the cheater. The results of games played with the cheater may be contested by the opposing team.
10. If a team doesn’t get their players together in up to 15 minutes after the agreed time they automatically forfeit the match.
11. After each map a screenshot of the results has to be sent to the #spring-cup-1-report text channel.
12. Map selection:
Maps are selected by a series of bans. Last one after the bans will be the one played. One of the teams is randomly selected to pick their side. The other team gets the first ban. First, the side is picked then both teams keep banning maps in turns until there is only one map left.
13. The prize is transferred in US dollars through PayPal.
14 ISP server list: []