Swiss Gaming Challenge StarCraft II Tournament

Online, Basel, Switzerland
The SWISS GAMING CHALLENGE is one of the most prestigious esports tournaments in Switzerland that happens at the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con. This year will be the beginning of a new era with the revamp of SWISS GAMING CHALLENGE with exciting tournaments and an awesome prize pool.

The player must be living in Switzerland.

Group Qualifier: 12th – 25th April [ TOP FOUR SEED TO SEMI-FINAL]
Semi-Finals: 27th and 28th April [ TOP 2 SEED TO FINAL ]
Finals: 3rd of May [ Fantasy Basel ]
Europe/Zurich (UTC+02:00)
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1st place – CHF 400
2nd place – CHF 100
No Shows
If an opponent is not present 15 minutes after the match start time, the affected player must make a comment about it in the match comments and contact an Admin. This is the fastest way to get a match checked to move on to the next round.

Qualifiers Group Stage
Map Selection
Best of 3 series, players will take turns vetoing a map, starting with player 1, until there are only three remaining. Of the three remaining maps, player 1 will pick the first map to be played. Following this, player 2 will pick the second map to be played from the remaining two maps. The final map left will be the third map played if required.

The map pool is as follows:
Automaton LE (2)
Cyber Forest LE (2)
Kairos Junction LE (2)
King's Cove LE (2)
New Repugnancy LE (2)
Port Aleksander LE (2)
Year Zero LE (2)

Both participants are responsible for entering the correct match result. Additionally, uploading a screenshot of the result screen to the match sheet would help the Admin Staff verifying the result of the games and, therefore, the match confirmation would be faster. Please keep a record of your screenshots.


If a match lasts more than 5 minutes and an issue occurs requiring a restart, players must use the resume from replay feature. If an issue occurs before 5 minutes, the match is to be restarted.

Pause Rule

It is forbidden to use the pause feature without an eligible reason to do so.
The pause time shouldn't be longer than 5 minutes in total. If a longer pause is needed, either the opposing player or an SGC Admin, has to agree to it. If neither agrees, the match will continue after the 5-minute mark.
Abuse of the pause feature will lead to disqualification from the qualifier. In the case of an abuse of the feature, screenshots will have to be taken and uploaded to the match media section of the match.

Replays & Observer Status

SGC Admins may appoint or request to be added as an Observer in the tournament, should this happen you are required to facilitate.
Please save all replays and share with an SGC admin as required.

Illegal Actions

Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug abuse of any kind.


SGC Admins will be available throughout the tournament, you can contact them in discord directly in the #starcraft channel.

General Rules

- Behave respectfully toward tournament officials, other players, and spectators, and steer clear of any unsportsmanlike conduct during the event.

- Arrive on time and ready for the start of the tournament and at the start of each match as specified on the tournament page.

- Bring any infractions (rule or policy) you notice to a tournament organizer’s attention in a private message.

- Bring any discrepancies in match record to a tournament organizer’s attention immediately in a private message.

- Be familiar with the server settings.

- Adhere to not leaking information of the tournament and respect the delay in force on streams if applied. We don’t want any spoilers. Should you stream we STRONGLY recommend a 3-minute delay.