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The Rising Champions
PCPlaystation 4

The Rising Champions

Online, casablanca
this tournament will have 300 participant which is mean 150 team ,we will separate this 300 to three groups , A-B-C. and each group will have its own amount of participants
A-100 participants
B-100 participants
C-100 participants

nhar 11 ka3 li t9aydo idozo l discord ya3ni had 300 kamla 5asha tkon f discord bach n far9o les groupe l (A-B-C) li majach 3ando tal nhar 13 wila majach ga3 ghadin ndiro elimination l team kamla
Structure to be determined.
Africa/Casablanca (UTC+01:00)
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Award worth
first place : 2000DH
Second place : 1000DH
1-remember if you qualified in this tournament you must come to MGE lan at Casablanca

2-keep in mind if you change your group from A to B or C you will be banned immediately and permanent for the whole tournament.

3-don't stream snipe and don't use anonymous (mode) to hide your name .

4-Don't change your teammate if you did you won't get any point further.

5- respect (everyone) no matter what ages

have fun.