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Insomnia 65 GwyF (LAN ONLY)

Insomnia 65 Golf with your Friends - Saturday (LAN ONLY)

By Insomnia 65 Community
Online, Insomnia 65
About Section - DISCORD

Please make sure you join the Insomnia Esports discord channel for any questions/queries related to the tournament. Discord link:

Once you have joined the discord channel, in #bot-requests put !community then you will be able to see the community tournament channels.

You then need to assign yourself the Golf With Your Friends role which you do by going to #community-byoc-tournaments-request and click the GwF reaction emote. Once you have done this please use the Golf With Your Friends channel to ask any questions you may have regarding the tournament.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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1st Place - £100 to the winning player & 1 ticket to Insomnia66
Game Settings
Server/Host Settings

Server: European

Game Mode: Private Match

Size: 12 Player Lobby (all versus each other) - one player in each lobby will be an admin who is hosting the match and not competing.

Format: There will be two initial lobbies of 12 players and then the top 5 players from each lobby move into the prize lobby where winner takes all. The remaining players from each lobby will be placed in a separate fun lobby to compete to be best of the rest. The participant with the lowest score in the prize lobby will be declared the winner of the tournament.

Game Setup

General game rules will be as true to golf as it can be.

Lobby will be created by a tournament admin and run privately (with a password to ensure only participants can enter).

Teams will be consisting of 1 player.

Teaming up with other players is not allowed.

Max Shots per round: 12

Max time per round: 1:30

Collision Mode: ON

Show last power: ON

Retry shot mode: OFF

Ball shape: Default

Low gravity: Normal

Spawn Position: Single

Bouncy ground: Low

Allow jumping: No

Goal type: Golf

Ball size: Default

Maps: Custom (to be chosen by the admin)

Freecam: OFF

The first lobbies will be starting at 3:00pm BST Saturday 24th August 2019 with both placement lobbies running side by side (if any participants are late there will be a 15 minute delay) with the final lobbies to be played once all participants are ready.

The game lobbies will be hosted by members of tournament staff.