Axiata Game Hero Free Fire Q4

Axiata Game Hero Free Fire Qualifier 4

By Axiata Group Berhad
Online, Online
1. Registration Process

There are 5 steps to be completed in order to join the tournament:
1. Subscribe to Axiata Game Hero with IDR 35,000 one time registration fee
2. Verify your Free Fire account using a valid Free Fire nickname and ID
3. All the squad members must register as a squad of 4 to Axiata Game Hero to participate in the tournament.
4. The squad may be disqualified if not all members are registered to Axiata Game Hero.
5. Click the link to subscribe to Axiata Game Hero:

2. There is a total of 4 separated Online Qualifiers:
Qualifier 1: 7th - 8th September 2019
Qualifier 2: 21st - 22nd September 2019
Qualifier 3: 5th - 6th October 2019
Qualifier 4: 26th - 27th October 2019

3. National Championship on 23rd November 2019.
- The venue will be announced later.
- Final 3 Squads with the highest scores will be invited to the live
Grand Championship in Malaysia.

4. Grand Championship on 21st & 22nd December 2019.
- Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia

** Transportation and Accommodation to Grand Final are provided by the Organiser.**
Asia/Jakarta (UTC+07:00)
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National Championship
1st Place 3,000 USD
2nd Place 1,700 USD
3rd Place 1,100 USD
4th- 5th Place 700 USD
6th - 12th Place 400 USD

Grand Championship
1st Place 15,000 USD
2nd Place 12,000 USD
3rd Place 9,000 USD
4th- 7th Place 5,000 USD
8th - 12th Place 3,000 USD
Full Rules List:

Participants Eligibility

You are eligible to take part in Axiata Game Hero if you are:
1. of age 18 and above
2. an active XL Axiata postpaid or prepaid user or AXIS user
Please ensure that you are the sole owner of the sim card, and it is NOT a supplementary line or corporate account.

Tournament Mechanism

1. The participant must join one of the 4 Online Qualifiers and the top 3 Squads with the highest score from each Online Qualifier will be invited to participate in the live National Championship. Squads that did not qualify can register themselves again in the following qualifiers to stand a chance to qualify for the National Championship.

2. Each Online Qualifier consists of:
- Maximum 480 squads
- 12 squads per game
- 1 game consists of 3 rounds
- 2 rounds of Bermuda and 1 round of Purtagony
- Scores will be awarded every round base on KILLS and
- If there are 2 or more squads with the same scores, the ranking
will be determined by the following order:
i) Total Booyah Count
ii) Total Kills Count
iii) Result of last round of the game
- Top 6 squads from each game (after the 3 rounds) will continue
to play with qualified squads from the other games
- The above will repeat until there are only 30 squads left (final
game of the qualifier)
- The top 3 squads with the highest scores will qualify to the
National Championship

3. Top 12 Squads from the 4 Online Qualifiers by the end of
Tournament Trials will be invited to the live National

4. The 12 Squads will be contacted accordingly and if any Squad is
not reachable within 3 days, the Squad is considered given up
it's right to participate in the National Championship.