~Kinetic Bangerz Apex Legends

The ~Kinetic Gaming eSports SOLO Apex Legends Tournament NA & EU

By ~Kinetic Gaming eSports Community
Online, ~Kinetic Gaming eSports Community Discord
Hello and Welcome to ~Kinetic Bangerz series!

Sunday NOV 10th's tournament is a Solo Apex Legends, double elimination tournament, that will be played on Origin. Players are guaranteed 2 games. Participants should be prepared to test their skills by competing against some of the toughest opponents in the game! So bring your best effort Bangerz!

The date of the tournament is set for Sunday, Nov 10, 2019 at 4PM EST.
Check-in is 3:00PM (EST).

The player with the most confirmed kills; wins & moves on.

Any changes will be announced in our Discord as well as our twitter page:

Sunday Nov 10th

Players will be bracketed in groups of two and paired with an in-game random. The player with the most kills of our two Bangerz will advance to the next stage. The loser will be put into the losers bracket to face-off again. This is a double elimination tournament.

The grand final bracket is a best 2 of 3 games winner (players can't re-drop due to RNG).
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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Starting Prize Pool $25.00
Additional Prize TBD

Check-in starts 1 hour before the start of the tournament - 3PM EST 10/11/2019
Check-in ends at the start of the tournament - 4PM EST Sunday 10/11/2019

All players must be present in the discord voice channel 15 minutes prior to the tournament starting - http://discord.gg/FB8npxC

Any match result disputes will be handled once a screenshot has been uploaded.

The grand final bracket is a best 2 of 3 games winner, with the player coming from the winners bracket having a one game advantage (players cant re-drop due to RNG).

If a tie occurs, the winner will be decided by most damage done.

The player with the most confirmed kills; wins & moves on.
Anything goes, kill stealing...etc.

Final scores and the winner will be updated no later than 1 hour after the tournament ends.

Do not pickup or revive, because if you do the other player is back in the game. If picked up or revived by the random matched with you the player is back in the game.

Any disputes of the reporting of a match will be handled by a screenshot.

Cheats, hacks, exploits, and the abuse of glitches are not permitted.