Logitech G Cup Quali #2

Logitech G Cup featuring League of Legends - Qualifier 2

By MYI Entertainment
Welcome to the second of the two online qualifiers for the Logitech G Cup featuring League of Legends.

These qualification tournaments are played in a best-of-one single-elimination bracket. The two best teams qualify for the offline finals on the 11.01.2020

The first round of the tournament begins at 13:30.
The check-in to verify which teams are present will be from 13:00 - 13:15.

CAREFUL: Teams which miss the check-in will not be able to participate in the qualifier.

The finals will take place on the 11.01.2020 in the Red Bull Gaming World by Logitech G in the Swiss Museum of Transportation in Lucerne.
Europe/Zurich (UTC+01:00)
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1st place - qualifiaction for the final as seed #2
2nd place - qualification for the final as seed #4

Prize pool finals - 6'000.- CHF