BestInJa: Fighterz Brawl Round 1

By eSports Jamaica
22B Soutch Camp Road, Sabina Park, Kingston
Esports Jamaica is kicking off the 2020 season with a $100,000 Prize Pool fighting games tournament.
Tournament Entry Fee: 2000
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America/Jamaica (UTC-05:00)
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1st - $20,000 JMD
2nd - $12,500 JMD
3rd - $7,500 JMD
Games and Matches

Each game consists of best of 3 in-game rounds
Each match consists of 3 games.
Each match will begin by one player picking a character and a character variation
The first player to pick will be decided randomly using an appropriate method
After the first player has picked and the second player has begun character and variation pick, the first player may not change selection
Subsequently, the winner of the previous game in a match will pick first.
From the second match round, the players that picked first in the previous round should pick second where possible
After each game in a match, the players must return to character select

Double Elimination
Players will be matched against opponents randomly
Players will progress through their games, with winners remaining in the Upper Bracket and losers falling to the Lower Bracket. Once you lose a game in the Lower Bracket you are eliminated from the tournament.
The Grand Final will take place between the winner of the Upper Bracket Final, and the winner of the Lower Bracket final.
The person qualifying from the Upper Bracket will need to win just one Best of 3 to win.
The person qualifying from the Lower Bracket will need to win two consecutive Best of 3’s to be crowned champion.