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Experimental Ghost Tak Invitational

By Al Rossin
An experimental tournament to test out ghost tak (also known as random start)
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
Fame and Glory
- A 4-ply opening will be assigned to each match when the pairing is created. This will be done by choosing randomly from the list pinned in the #variant_discussion on the Discord.

- Size is 6x6, time control is 30+20, komi is 0 (except tiebreakers, see below)

- Format is double elimination

- Each match will consist of two games using the same starting position, but with colours reversed.

- Please try to complete each match within a week after it's scheduled

- In the case of a tie after 2 games, a tiebreak game will be played as follows.
-- The starting position is the same as in the two previous games.
-- Each player privately chooses a half-integer value of komi, which are then revealed. The higher value is used, with the player who chose it playing as white. If both players choose the same value then colours are determined randomly. Note that negative values may be chosen, since some positions may favour black.
-- Time control is again 30+20