True champions win from home, stay safe!
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This is the first global Limited Node Tournament!
Registration: October 13th-21st (12PM EST/4pm UTC)

The rules are simple:
Create an AI <50 Nodes and Battle!

Matches are played best of 5 in private match, using the following maps:
1.The Seven Wonders
2.Set Your Priorities
3.Circle Of Death
4.Meeting Point
5.Split Team

Players report winner of 5 games. This is Double Elimination, so even if you lose once you still have a chance of winning the tournament. ^.^

DRAW: In the event of a draw on a resource map, the player with more bots remaining is declared the winner of that map.
In the event of a draw after all 5 matches are played(ex: 2-2-1); Kingmaker map is played to determine winner.

UNPLAYED MATCHES: In the event of unplayed matches, the player who initiated the remaining matches que'd is declared the winner.

PROBLEMS: Any problems please email me at or PM me at Revenge#9582(Discord) / Revenge(Telegram)
UTC (UTC+00:00)
Whoever wins the tournament is crowned the "Node Champion" of sub-50 mode. ;)
Tournament Specific Rules:
-Ai must have less than 50 nodes(49 + title node)
-Special Bots are allowed, but they must have <50 Nodes
-No Subtrees(or subtrees + ai <50 nodes)
-Connectors do not count towards node limit
-The winner of the Tournament CAN post a screenshot of their AI on forums if they choose to(I'm super curious)
-No modifying AI after tournament start
-Have fun!!! :D