Leipzig eSports MHC #2

Leipzig eSports MHC #2

By Leipzig eSports e.V. Goku
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Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
5x 20€ Battle.net Balance Code + 50€* (+donations from Stream)

*all prizes provided are not coming from Leipzig eSports e.V.
For questions or problems with prize payouts pls contact the organisator via email (benemai@web.de)
Everyone is allowed to participate in this cup as long as you are not taking part in HGC.

Please join ingame channel MHC (via /join MHC) for ingame communication. Thank you.
Also as newest addition please join the very own MHC Discord channel via following link: https://discord.gg/2xab8fF
There every communication will take place at first hand.

Code of Conduct
Showing unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the loss of the series.
Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to, verbal assault on anyone involved in the match and using fake accounts/smurfs.

The draft will be executed in specific match lobbys on discord so please make sure you joined the channel, else see point communication!
The team to be shown first has the right to ban a map first. Next up the opponent is banning a map. After that the team which had to ban a map first has mapchoice, the opposing team gets firstpick.

The hero draft will be performed through the in-game tournament draft.
The loosing team of a subsequent game will be able to choose either map or first pick, the decision must be given to the caster or to the opposing teams captain.

Please note: heroes which are known as bugged are explicitly banned from playing.
Also new heroes are banned for 2 weeks after their release date.

If a team needs to play with a substitute player please make sure the opponent AND a mod/caster will get notified about that BEFORE the game starts. If you are not reporting your substitute player we are reserving the right to cancel the match and give the opposing team a win by default.

The cups first round will start at 18:00 CEST.
Rounds will go as displayed:

Ro16 --> Bo1
Ro8 --> Bo1
Ro4 --> Bo3
Finale --> Bo5

We will have at least one stream at the same time going on. Probably there will be 2 at once one german and one english stream.
Each channel will show one match a round.
That makes 4 casted games each channel.

After each match the winners team captain has to report the score to a mod/caster and add it to the website.
Please note that wrong score reports have to be reported also else they will be seen as rightfull scores.