FIFA 18 PS4 (1V1) US$100

FIFA 18 PS4 (1V1) US$100

By Digital Football League
Online, Online
Open to residents from Australia and New Zealand.
1 V 1 teams. Single Elimination tournament.
Club teams only. No national or "MyTeams"
4 teams minimum, 32 teams maximum
By entering the competition you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the site and our anti-cheat policy.

1 player per team.

10-minute halves + Golden Goal.

Club teams only. No national or "My Teams"

If two teams choose the same nation/club, then highest rank team chooses strip.

Challenger or lowest rank team to set up the match.

Personal streaming is not allowed

Winning team must post results and take screenshot/video cap for evidence. Results must be added up to 10 minutes after the game is completed. The losing team has 5 minutes to lodge a dispute - but may only do so if they have sufficient evidence to back up the dispute - eg. Video cap.

No Show: teams have up until 20 minutes after the scheduled start time to compete. After that, they will forfeit the match.

Troubleshooting: Red Cards and scores. If by some misfortune that a match is interrupted by technical issues and needs to be restarted, previous red cards and scores MUST be reinstated. So basically let the other team score their goals and go and clock someone if you had a red card.
Structure to be determined.
Australia/Melbourne (UTC+11:00)
Prize Pool: 100.00 USD

1st: 70.00 USD
2nd: 30.00 USD