Digital Football League: Rocket League USA, PC (3v3) $100 prizepool

By Digital Football League
3 Players per team.
16 teams max
Best of 3
10 Minute match time
$10 team entry fee
Structure to be determined.
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
Prize Pool: 100.00 USD

1st: 70.00 USD
2nd: 30.00 USD

*Please make sure you join the Digital Football League - XB1 - Discord channel - this in the main is to allow for easier communications all round (swapping of PSN ID's etc), but also so we can avoid confusion among players and help if any questions arise in advance of a comp or tourney starting. Plus it will allow us to say hello and intro ourselves as well. :)

* Prior to the start of the actual tournament (ideally 10 minutes beforehand) please also check-in at the Digital Football League - XB1 - Tournament Discord Channel. This in the main is to make sure all players are available and any questions etc can be answered.
By entering this tournament you agree to the terms and conditions of the site and the Anti Cheat system

3 Players per team.

16 teams max

Best of 3

10 Minute match time

Arena: Any, as long as both teams agree

Players must enter their Rocket League Game Id's and be using the latest version of the game. Please update before play.

Players must be a member of Digital Football League

Winner to report results. Both sides to screen cap results as back up in the event of a dispute. The losing team has 5 Minutes to dispute the result but must have sufficient evidence to support the dispute.