RLCS Season 5: North America
Playstation 4

RLCS Season 5: North America

By Psyonix
Online, North America
For the first time, the RLCS format will remain unchanged from the previous season!
That means more of the same great format in both the RLCS and the Rival Series, but much higher stakes… This season comes with the largest prize pools in the history of Rocket League Esports!
Teams from NA, EU and OCE will have a chance to compete for a $500,000 USD total prize pool for RLCS!
Group Stage - March 17th - April 14th 2018
Round Robin Bo5

In the case of a tie on points game win percentage always seeds the teams.

Top two auto-qualify for the Finals
Top six qualify for the Regional Championship
Bottom two teams are relegated to the Promotion Playoffs

Regional Championship - April 21st 2018
Teams in the Regional Championship auto-qualify for RLCS Season 6
Top four in the Regional Championship qualify for the Finals
America/Los Angeles (UTC-08:00)
1st $20,500 RLCS Season 5 Finals
2nd $17,000 RLCS Season 5 Finals
3rd $14,500 RLCS Season 5 Finals
4th $12,500 RLCS Season 5 Finals
5th-6th $11,750 RLCS Season 6
7th $10,500 Promotion Playoffs
8th $10,500 Promotion Playoffs