Circus E-sport Tour Qual #2

Circus E-Sport Tour Qualification Hearthstone #2 Charleroi

By Circus E-Sport
LouvardGame 3.2
Second Qualification of the Circus E-sport Tour at LouvardGame saturday 5th and sunday 6th May 2018

Four other qualifiers will be held in four other cities in Belgium during 2018, Final in Grand Casino of Namur end 2018.

Competition managed by LouvardGame.

If you have any question, you can contact us on discord LouvardGame :
Structure to be determined.
Europe/Brussels (UTC+02:00)
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1 place for the Final

Qualification cash prize :

1st : 500 €
2nd : 300 €
3rd : 200 €

Final :

1st 3000 € sponsoring contract with Circus E-sport
This qualification will be held during LouvardGame 3.2, you have also to register at :

Conquest mode

All tours BO5 4 decks 1 ban, final BO7 5 decks 1 ban