PGL Ramzan Tournament 2018

By PGL Admin
PGL Ramzan Tournament 2018 will be organized in the best way possible and we will try to minimise the amount of cheaters participating. All matches will be played on PGL Match War servers without the need for logging in to gaminglounge servers.

For registrations, please register your team here and then send 2 keys per team to a tradelink that will be sent to you.
Asia/Karachi (UTC+05:00)
Dependent on number of teams.

• Competition Method : 5 vs. 5
• Game Length : Until the Winner is determined.

Win Condition

• The first Team to win 16 rounds in regulation or the Team that wins the overtime period.
• In the case of a 15-15 score at the end of regulation play, overtime rounds will be played.
• In the event of overtime, Teams will switch sides and play an additional 6 rounds (3 on each side)
• If the score is still tied, another overtime period will be played to determine the Winner.
• Victory condition for Overtime is the first team to win 4 rounds. (If a team scores 4 rounds first, the match is ended immediately).

Series Length
In a best of
• one (1) map format, the first team to win one (1) map wins the match.
• In a best of three (3) maps format, the first Team to win two (2) maps wins the match. BO3 maps are decided using Major format (Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Random).
• In the event of a 1-1 map tie, a third map will be played.
• In a best of five (5) maps format, the first Player to win three (3) maps wins the match.
• In the event of a 2-2 map tie, a fifth map will be played.

Game Settings

• Round Time : 1 minute and 55 seconds
• Buy Time : 20 seconds
• Start Money : $800 for regulation play and $10,000 for overtime periods
(if needed)
• Freeze Time : 15 seconds
• Pause : 2 pause allow per map (5min/pause)

Valid Maps

• de_dust2
• de_inferno
• de_mirage
• de_overpass
• de_cache
• de_train
• de_nuke

Side Selection

• Knife Round will determine team sides (Counter terrorists or terrorists) for BO1.
• At half time, Teams will switch sides.
• All Players names must be in the format of their Team tag + gaming alias (i.e. Malaysia | Bob)

Setup and Configuration

• Non-standard game settings or third party applications that affect game play are not permitted.
Players found using either will be penalised at the Tournament Administrator’s sole discretion,
which may include Player suspension(s) or forfeiture of the match or round penalties.
• Use of Ventrilo, Mumble, Team Speak, or any third party voice chat software is allowed.
• In-Game Messaging and Communication
• Competing Teams are not allowed to use global in-game chat in an abusive, offensive, vulgar or spamming manner at any point during a match. This includes pre-match, intermission and postmatch periods as well.
• When a match is live, only Team captains are allowed to use global in-game messages (this includes between rounds or at half time); other Players must use team-only in-game messages
• Violators of these rules are subject to penalties at the Tournament Administrator’s discretion,
which may include Player suspension(s) or forfeiture of the match or round penalties.


• A team is allowed to have substitutes on their roster. The roster is locked during the entire tournament.
• Teams are allowed substitutions, provided if they are registered on the roster. No substitutions will be allowed after the start of a match. If any team needs to make more than 2 (Two) substitutions for any reason whatsoever, the team must forfeit their match. A Referee has to be notified prior to the substitution.
• Tournament Referees can decide to make exceptions on roster changes depending on the basis of the request (e.g. a player is injured, sick etc.).
• Teams are not allowed to rotate their players in running matches.
• A player cannot participate in more than 1 (One) team during the tournament.

POV Demos

• All team members must record their POV demos of the entire match (from start of knife round, until the end of the match or OT match).


• Game Crashes / Unintentional Disconnection – In the event of any connection loss of one Player due to game client, system, network, PC, and/or power problems/issues, Game play will be paused by the Team captain during the freeze time of the NEXT round until the client can reconnect OR 10 minutes passes, whichever comes first.
• Game Leaving / Intentional Disconnection – In the event of any connection loss of one Player due to a Player’s actions, a penalty may be given to that Player’s Team based on the sole discretion of the Tournament Administrator. Penalties may include the offending Team being required to continue play without the offending Player, receiving round penalties, or forfeiting the match.
• Server Crashes - In the event of a permanent connection loss of one or multiple Players due to an
issue with a server, the Tournament Administrator will restart the game server, stop the tournament clock, and play will continue from the point of disruption. Points will be added to the amounts totaled before the crash, and the tournament clock will be restarted once the game is live again

Unfair Play

The following actions will be considered unfair play :
• The use of any cheat program and/or map hack program;
• If your steam ids dont match with the registration steam ids you will directly be disqualified.
• An intentional disconnection;
• The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings;
• Any “unnecessary chatting” during the match. “Unnecessary chatting” does not include any of the following: greeting messages between the Players; a signal for the loss (i.e.: „gg?, „GG?, or any other message that the referee can use to decide the winner); or any message that the Tournament Administrator can judge as part of the game;
• Use of any unapproved textures or models - Only default CS GO models will be allowed;
• Any intentional abuse of "pause" by a Player on the server;
• Clearly allowing one’s opponent to win a match; • Any external conditions (Press, Team Leader,
Player, Spectator, etc) that give an unfair advantage to a Player and/or Team;
• Any intentional abuse of "pause" by a Player as determined by the Tournament Administrator;
• Unsportsmanlike behavior or, in general, disruptive (e.g., shouting), inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another Player (even inside the game); and
• The use of a program bug that is determined by the Tournament Administrator as being unfair.
• Upon discovery of any Player and/or Team committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending Team, at the sole discretion of the Tournament Administrator, may receive a warning, round penalty, a forfeit loss or be disqualified from the Tournament.