The Meme Dream League

By The Meme Dream
Welcome to the first Meme Dream League.
This is a division based league, where only the first division can win a prize, the others fight to move up!

This league is hosted by the guys at The Meme Dream, we operated on a discord server that helps players in every rank to find someone to play with! To enter this tournament please join our discord server @ :)

- The Meme Dream
Europe/Oslo (UTC+01:00)
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The team that gets 1st place in the 1st Division wins, the team will receive 6 steam keys to Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition.
1. There will be played a total of 4 maps per Match.
2. Competitive rules.
3. Max of 2 Substitutes.
4. Substitiutes can only spectate their team.
5. Each match will be hosted by one of the admins.
6. No toxicity against own team or opponents.
7. Have respect for both teams.
8. Spectators cannot be in a voice channel with one of the teams.
9. Use owdraft to draft down to 4maps.
10. Have fun!