Playstation 4

Tekken 7 (PS4)

By Showmatic
Tekken 7 tournament open to anyone who would like to compete. Currently 32 slots available but may open more if deemed necessary.

READ THE RULES. "I didn't know" is not an excuse!
America/Indiana/Knox (UTC-05:00)
Bragging rights and a heaping cup of feel good.
The rules are simple.

1. Single Elimination. Best 3 of 5 matches. Match settings must be at the default 3 rounds and 60 secs.

2. There's a difference between cheating and being cheap. Cheating (ie. Using 3rd party software, lag switching, etc) will get you disqualified. Being cheap (ie. spamming) is frowned upon, but within bounds. It's up to your opponent to get past the cheap moves, but be prepared to get roasted if you play cheaply.

3. You and your opponent must contact each other to set up a time to play before the end of each round. If you're unable to contact your opponent, contact the Tournament coordinator and they will try to facilitate. If no contact or no reasonable time can be decided upon, the Tournament coordinator will decide to either void the fight or advance a fighter to the next round by default.

4. Use of items from character customization are prohibited (ie. Guns, swords, etc). If the character doesn't have the item by default, it can't be used. You can wear the item for aesthetics, but cannot use them.

5. Fight results must be reported through the Toornament app. Download it through the Play Store or App Store.

6. It's up to the 2 opponents to record their fight results on Toornament. The honor system is in effect. To protect yourself from someone reporting a false win, RECORD AND SAVE YOUR MATCHES. The PS4 has a built in capture feature. Use it. If there's a dispute as to who won, the video must be provided by either party. If neither can produce proof, the Tournament coordinator will make the determination to either keep the decision as is or void the fight.

7. Lag happens, bad connections happen. Any fights that have 3 or less bars for the MAJORITY of the fight can be disputed, but video proof must be provided to be analyzed. The tournament coordinator will make the final decision.

8. Obviously, rage quitting before the end of the fight is an automatic loss. Take your L like an adult. If you're not an adult, pretend you are for the duration of the fight.

9. Stages must be RANDOMLY selected unless both players agree to a particular stage or stage type (infinite, walled, breakable floors, etc).

10. Your hardware issues are nobody's problem but your own. Controller craps out on you? Too bad. Console disconnects from network? Welp, sorry. Hopefully your opponent will give you a pass, but they are not required to.

11. All characters are allowed, to include DLC characters.

12. Real life problems arise. Please notify your scheduled opponent of the Tournament coordinator if any personal issues prevent you from participating after signing up.