Fierce Mamal LoL League #1

By Fierce Mamal
Its a fierce secret that if you dont know you also dont need to know .
Europe/Lisbon (UTC+01:00)
Fun ! Fun ! Fun ! And also a little bit of glory .
1. General rules

1.1.Tournament format: 3v3

1.2. Competition format: The competition will have 2 group phases and a playoff .At this moment we still do not know about how many people will participate, so the competition format may change.

1.3. Match Up: Each time a team plays another they will play two matches against each other scoring 1 point with each win.

1.4. A team must consist of a minimum of 3 players and maximum of 5 players (three players and two backup players).

2. Match settings

2.1. Game mode: Tournament Draft.

2.2. Map: Howling Abbyss

2.3. Server: EU West

3. Picks

3.1. On the first match the team whose name appears first on the schedule picks first. This reverts on the second match . 

3.2. Game mode “Tournament Draft” MUST be chosen in the game options when the match is created.

4. Important rules

4.1. The team whose name appears first on the schedule, is the team responsible for setting up the game and making sure that the opponent’s Captain and the FM Admins (if available) get the game name.

4.2. When the match is over, the team Captains from both sides must take screenshots of the result.

4.3. If any issues should occur before first blood or the three-minute mark, the game will be remade/replayed. The opponent team shall be notified right away and a screenshot must be taken.

4.4. Team Captains of both teams should take a screenshot of the picks and bans, in case of a remake.

4.5. If anything happens with the server, making it impossible to continue the game, the team Captains must take the necessary screen shots and contact the organization as soon as possible.

4.7. The team Captains are expected to read and understand all of this rules, and inform their players of the rules.

4.8. Show good sportsmanship. (See Item 8: Gentlemen’s Rules).

4.9. The organization is above the rules and will have the last say in any issue that may occur.

5. Abuse and exploitation

5.1. Bug exploiting: Exploiting known or newly discovered bugs during the game will result in disqualification of the exploiting team.

5.2. Definition of bugs: ● Anything that will give one of the teams an unfair advantage. ● Anything that makes the game crash or stop

6. Punishment

6.1. Warning: After one (1) warning has been given, the game will continue. If a team receives more than one (1) warning during a game, the team will lose the match up and may be disqualified from the tournament.

6.2. Game loss: If a team receives any punishment for a minor offense (i.e. breaking the Gentlemen’s Rules) they will get a loss by default, no matter the result of the game.

6.3. Disqualifications: A team that gets disqualified will be thrown out of the tournament. They will not get to compete in any more tournament games.

6.4. Point reduction: A team may get a reduction in points for minor offenses (i.e. breaking the Gentlemen’s Rules).

7. Purposely Disconnecting

7.1. Any player that has disconnected from the client without reconnecting, with the intention to get a remake of the game, will earn his/her team a loss by default.

8. Gentlemen’s Rules 

8.1. Disconnected players shall not be attacked.

8.2. No typing in All Chat, trash-talking or unnecessary chat.

8.3. You must not be involved in any kind of intimidating behavior, either in or out of the game.

8.4. Be a good winner and a good loser.

8.5 Core values still apply.

9. Remake.

9.1. If an Admin says the game should be remade, it will be remade.

9.2. If a player is AFK during champion selection, his/her pick will be done by the game.

9.3. If a remake occurs, the game settings will be Blind Pick, and all the players must pick the same champions as were picked before the remake.

9.4. If the teams gets the wrong side (Blue/Purple) the game will be remade and the same champions will be picked.

9.5. The game will be remade if any if these issues should occur: ● The game crashes ● The game hangs ● Server spikes ● Stream goes offline ● Technical issues ● Medical issues

10. Teams

10.1. All of the players that are going to participate must be registered on the toornament homepage of the competition.

10.2. Every sub-account and nick change must be registered on the tournament’s official homepage if they are going to be used in the tournament.

10.4. A player must only play for one team. Players found to be participating in more than one team will incur disqualification for both teams.

10.5 Team will have an maximum of 5 players and a minimum of 3. There must be a total of 8 hours in each week that at least 3 of them are able to play at the same time. The usual time needed to sleep dont count for this 8 hours .

11. Games

11.1. Match Scheduling : Captains of each team must, each week, schedule the next week match. To do that they must use the FB Group created for that.

11.2 Match Unscheduled : If a match of the next week is still unscheduled at Sunday, the Organization will define the time and date for the  match, taking into consideration the time the teams have available. Any team that fails to attend the match will receive a double defeat in that match up . In extreme cases, if possible, the match up may be delayed one week.

11.2. Every team must meet up, on our discord channel, 30 minutes before the game is scheduled to start, and the game must be started before or at the start time.

11.3. .

12. Spectators

12.1. Non-streamers spectators will not be allowed.

12.2. Admins are allowed to spectate if necessary.