By arrowplayz
Online, Delhi
Hey there! Welcome to the first annual pubg mobile open league tournament. Please read the rules carefully before registration.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
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Winner team gets Rs. 1500
*Please note that There is also a registration fee of Rs.50. You have to send the money to this no.:- +91 96541 24875. The fee is Rs. 50 for one person, not one squad.*
1. You are free to play with squads, duo or solo.
2. Make sure to join the discord server to get notified about the room Id and password on the day of the tournament using this link:-
3. No cheating (USE OF AIMBOTS, WALL HACKS, SPEEDHACKS, ETC.) All players will be closely monitored and if anyone is caught cheating, that player will be disqualified and banned from the discord server too.
4. Do not delay in registration, or check-in.
5. Team killing is strictly prohibited and if anyone is seen fooling around with teammates using grenades, that player will be disqualified.
6. The tournament will last for 3 days and there will be two matches everyday.
7. The team with the most chicken dinners will win the tournament.
8. If all 6 rounds are won by different teams, then another match will be held just between those six teams.