PUBGM Bangladesh Championship

By PUBG Dhaka
Online, Dhaka,Bangladesh
PUBG DHAKA Presents First Ever Competitive High Voltage tournament of Bangladesh with Mind blowing Prizes!

#Tournament_Figure :

Registration will remain open till 20th July!

This will be a 80 peoples tournament!
We will close down the registration when 80 members are done!
These 80 individuals will be randomly chosen for dividing into four parts.
After its divided, our first Gameplay will be started.

20 individuals from 4 groups will compete against each other in 4 different Eliminator Matches (Arcade/Item Heaven).

You guessed correct, these 4 matches will be eliminator for screening out half of the players from each Game. In that 20 people Game , only top 10 will qualify for the final match.

So in 4 eliminator we will have our 40 finalists.
Final match will be among these best 40 guys in Mini Map.

After that crazy 40 people Mini Map matches we will have our Winners of these amazing Gifts.

So what are you waiting for?You have days to Sign Up! Jump into it. Get that Chicken dinner and Have some awesome prizes!

Asia/Dhaka (UTC+06:00)
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First Prize : ****3500 Unknown Cash**** (Worth $40+)

Second Prize : ****All new Gun Skins**** (Or other Items Worth 1600UC/$25)

Third Price : ****One Gun skins**** (Or other Items Worth 800UC/$15)

N/B : All prizes will be given as In Game Stuffs. No money will be given in exchange of that.
1. Only Erangle Map will be used.
3. The streams will have delay to discourage stream sniping, if anyone is found to be a stream sniper they will be disqualified.
4. If you’re found teaming up with others, breaking any of the tournament rules you will be disqualified and your account may be subject to a permanent ban from Official Authority.
5. Third Person Perspective will be used throughout the tournament.
6. After registering on Toornament, immediately knock the host on given contact method, otherwise your registration may not be confirmed.
7. You will have to be 100% BANGLADESHI.

#Entry_Fees :

Every individuals will have to pay only 100BDT as the entry fee of this Exciting tournament of Huge Prizes!

For Details Please Inbox :

FB :
Discord : EZAkasH#7600