Flight Path To Battlefield V Dogfight Tournament

By Hardcore League and Phoenix Elite Aerial League
Tournament Info
2vs2 Dog Fighting

Stage 1: October 13th, 2018
Stage 2: October 20th, 2018
Finals: November 10th, 2018

Single Elimination Tournament Bracket
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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Over $500 in Prizes!

1st place winners:
-2x Jersey from the the Phoenix Elite Aerial League Prostore with GT and Name Embroidered. ($70 value)
-2x Battlefield V Deluxe Edition. ($160 value)
-2x Xbox Live - 12 month. ($60 value)

2nd place winners:
-2x shirt from Phoenix Elite Aerial League Prostore ($30 value)
-2x Xbox Live - 6 month. ($80 value)

3rd place winners:
-2x shirt from Phoenix Elite Aerial League Prostore ($30 value)
-2x Xbox Live - 3 month. ($50 value)

Sponsored by Phoenix Elite Aerial League!
Casted By Hardcore League!
1. 1 AP and 1 FP (no DF loadout)
2. 1 15 min round. Most kills wins. Pilots have 5 mins from the time the perious match ended to be in the server.
3. ALL CRASHES WILL COUNT AS A KILL unless its result of a mid air ram.
4. If there is a ram or a collision then those pilots involved are REQUIRED to go to their respected spawns and repair then reenter the fight.

General Rules:

1) All players must be of legal age in their own Country/State/Province/City/Etc. to participate in tournaments.

2) All rules and all Terms and Conditions listed under the rules tab and under the "Terms and Conditions" Section on http://www.hardcoreleague.co/ and all rules listed on the Official Hardcore League Discord under the "welcome and rules" section must be followed at all times by all players/users. If there are any rules that conflict with rules listed here the rules listed here will be followed.