The LVQ Shootout, 1v1

The LVQ Shootout, 1v1

By Los Vaqueros Esports
As Los Vaqueros have grown, we've wanted to do more for our followers. After some careful planning, we're proud to present our new 1v1 tournament: The LVQ Shootout! Come and compete in the competition and see if you're good enough to become the Lone Ranger.

As an extra bonus, part of the proceeds from this tournament will go towards creating our first LVQ hoodie design! These will be available shortly after the tournament concludes. Meanwhile, the rest of the money goes towards the finalists of the tournament.

Don't forget to submit your $4 buy-in on PayPal. Send it to to receive confirmation of entry.
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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50 entries x $4 entry = $200

1st Place: $80
2nd Place: $40
Org Claim: $80

Subject to change depending upon the number of participants.
Single Elimination, Random Seeding.
Bo3 Playoff Bracket, Bo5 Finals.
Best of 30 rounds per map, OT enabled.
Buying is disabled; kevlar provided by default; No head armor.

Server default will be set to Chicago. New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles are also available. Server changes will be dealt with case-by-case per request.

Since most people may not know the maps within the pool, we've decided to get rid of any banning process. The maps, in order, will be:

Aim_Redline (
Aim_Map_USP_s (

Maps for the Bo5 finals:

Aim_Redline (
Aim_Map_USP_s (

*Must be 18 to enter, or else have parental consent to do so. By registering you understand you acknowledge this disclaimer.