PUBG Mobile Open Classic Solo

By ChemG & Thegaminghub
PUBG Mobile Classic Open Solo Tournament is open to all the players who wish to have some intense battle experience. The registration is completely free & open for everyone all over the world. Play your best game, have CHICKEN DINNER for real with your WINNINGS.

TOP 3 Survival Wise & Top 2** with Most Kills Qualify from each Qualifier to go into the FINALS.

** Excluding Top 3 surviving players.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
Earn the "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER" title in the finals to earn a prize of Rs. 101

Individual Players with special achievements will receive special prizes.

1. The Tournament consists of a maximum of 125 Players which will be registered on a "First come First serve" basis upon valid registrations.

2. This is a SOLO Tournament consisting of a single player per team.

3.Every team will be provided with the TEAM NUMBER & Match timings. The player should join the particular slot number during the time of the matches.

4. Complete details of the player has to be provided during the registrations. Incomplete entries will not be registered.

5. The team has to provide a valid PAYTM NUMBER for collecting the Prize Money in case of Winnings.

6. Selection of Maps & Perspective of game will be on a majority preference basis.

7. Registrations will be manually checked & accepted/rejected within 48 hours from the time of submission. You are advised to check your TOORNAMENT Account once every 12-24 hours.

8. Date and time of the Tournament Matches will be announced after 24 hours from the time of registration closure.

9. Prize money will be reduced by 50% in case of less than 50 unique registrations, reduced by 30% in case of 50-75 unique registrations, reduced by 15% in case of 75-100 unique registered teams appear to play the total number of matches.

10. Full prize money to the winner in case of more than 100 unique registered teams appear to play the total number of matches.

11. Organizers hold the right to change the dates of any of the events related to the Tournament. Some rules may also be modified and in that case, teams will be informed about the changes.

*** Players other than Mobile are not allowed to participate. In case they do & caught during the game, will be kicked out of the room immediately.

** "Team" mentioned at places means the same as "Player".

* Multiple entries by the Same player /Same account /Same email Id /Same PUBG ID will lead to disqualification.