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By The League
Online, Online
"Check in Starts at (17:00 pm Egypt time UTC +2) and closes after 15 mins. You can check here the actual time https://time.is/Egypt "
"Everyone should be ready to play at 17:30 pm Egypt time"
"Brackets will be available to check after the Check-in"
"Everyone need's to be in discord Fortnite channel to know who to play against"
"Team Captain must use our discord to send kill proof"
"Watch this Video to understand how to check-in https://youtu.be/8TOZFhxymmk "
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The ultimate Fortnite tournament series in the Middle East. Create teams, battle other teams, win tournaments and earn amazing rewards and prizes!

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STREAM - twitch.tv/theleague_me
TWEET - twitter.com/TheLeague_me
TAG - instagram.com/theleague.me

I’m not weak - I play weekly!
Structure to be determined.
Africa/Cairo (UTC+02:00)
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500$ Total Prize Pool 💰

1st Place $250
2nd Place $150
3rd Place $100

Prizes can be delivered up to 14 days.

Winners get paid through Paypal only and will be sent to the Team Captain.

Make sure your Paypal account is properly verified and can receive the prize.

Winners will also receive an invitational to the upcoming BIG tournament!

Be cemented on The Winners Wall of Fame.. and have a chance to get a shoutout on our Youtube channel

... if you made any good plays in the tournament - make sure to send them to us at: hello@theleague.me
1 ✘ 2v2 Duo Squad Games (matchmaking)
2 ✘ Everyone must be online in discord to find your opponent.
3 ✘ Teams invite each other to play in the same squad, 2v2 competing for who has the best score , dirty play is not tolerated.
4 ✘ Each team must land in different locations to avoid sharing loot / kills.
5 ✘ Kill based system , the team with the most kills wins the round , if there is a draw , whoever survives the longest wins.
6 ✘ Victory Royal is worth 3 points/ kills.
7 ✘ Single Knock Out elimination (means that you only get 1 chance. You win, you proceed to the next stage) except for the Finals will be best of 3 the team who has the best score won .
8 ✘ Screenshot must be send by the end of the game with the score visible to TheLeague_Fortnite in Discord.
9 ✘ Teams must come on time. All games should start at the same time 17:30.
10 ✘ If your team finishes the games earlier, please wait for your opponent on the following brackets.
11 ✘ NO TOXICITY!! if anyone started a fight or insulted any of the other participants he and his team will be kicked from the tournament ..
( keep it fun and competitive guys ♥)
12 ✘Any team accused and proved to be using any hacks, cheats which give them an unfair advantage in the game will be banned permanently from this tournament and any upcoming tournament. ( Play it fair ).
13 ✘ Stealing loot , Destroying other team building or building over them is not allowed.
14 ✘ All the games must be played in the EU servers and Cross platform must be enabled.
15 ✘ Both teams from the finals must send the replay files to TheLeague_Fortnite in Discord.

GL May the Lama be with you ♥